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whaley82 06-16-2006 03:18 PM

LBJ to the Nets

"ESPN Radio interview with host Dan Patrick, Cavs superstar LeBron James declared a. He's been exchanging text messages with Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade during the Heat's NBA Finals series with Dallas; b. He feels no undue pressure to be the savior of Cleveland; and c. (LeBron James) wouldn't mind playing someday for his friend Jay-Z, a rapper and New Jersey Nets part-owner


For the past month and a half theres been lots of rumors about LBJ coming to a New York team. Now no one wants to go to the Knicks becuase its a diseaster there but. What do you guys think the chance of us getting LBJ and do you even want to get him on the team?

I think hes a great player has one of the brightest futures But Who would we have to give up? and would it be planning for the future or for the now? Id really like to keep Kidd and I doubt Cleveland would want him in a deal for LBJ because of his Age. And Vince has his old habits that make coachs and organizations not like him that much so who would we give up and would it be worth it?

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 06-16-2006 03:35 PM

Cleveland will not lose the next GOAT for nothing.

if Lebron plays for the qualifying offer, look for Cleveland to S&T him at once to get something back

if Lebron wants to go to the Nets, the Cavs are not letting him walk. THey will deal him

if nothing better presents itself, the Cavs will probably take Vince.

but that presents a rotation issue, since Lebron is most adept at SF and the Nets have no one else who can really light it up from outside.

Kidd, out of loyalty, is staying in NJ.

the Cavs would most likely want RJ and Krstic (which is out of the question)

so RJ and Ilic or whoever they draft this year.

but the other problem is, the Cavs will no doubt sign Lebron to a max deal in order to get the max benefit from a trade.

so there is very little chance Lebron plays for the MLE during his first free agency

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