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brwnman 06-17-2006 01:16 PM

Deshawn Stevenson, a possible option???
We are lacking for a backup SF/SG... I think stevenson could be a solid addition to our bench... he would balance out our bench and starting line-up and there wont be much of a drop-off from Mo to Stevenson... something I like about Stevenson is that he drives, he always tries to go inside, albeit he's not that good, but he is effective when he has it going... he is still young (25), has been in the league for a few years... I think he could help us out next year... Your thoughts???

max for me would be 3 years 12mil... I think he could be good for 10+ points per game...

ThaKid 06-17-2006 01:30 PM

one of the smartest threads thought out.......i would of never thought of stevenson on the raptors.....he would be a great addition, he would add some toughness that we are missing and if we were ever stagnent, like we do show alot, he and mo would be that guys that would be driving the lane a tryin to get our team goin......great thought.....i really do hope that raptors get him now......and the contract u put up there would be great.....SIGN DESHAWN STEVENSON!!!!!!!!

Rapsfan4life 06-17-2006 02:25 PM

I think Deshawn Stevenson would be a possiblity for the Raptors. We need a SG and he had steadily improved in Orlando. When Orlando went on its end of the year run, Deshawn stepped it up and showed that he is improving. I think he could become a better pro player on the Raptors. The Raptors have to sign young untapped talent to modest contracts. It is a good way to improve your team quickly. I think Deshawn would fit on the Raptors.

Dr.Funk 06-18-2006 05:14 PM

Depending on who we draft, I wouldn't mind having Stevenson as a back-up.

albertpujols 06-19-2006 02:08 AM

I prettty solid idea and undoubtebly a solid slasher player, could log in a couple leftover minutes from the steady Mo Pete, and recommendably the SF slot, which is very weak with Erick Williams getting the call and Charlie V not 100% suitible for that position.

DoubleTech 06-19-2006 03:04 AM

i wouldn't even look at this guy.

he turned down a decent deal in orlando, for an unknown amount of free agency $$$.

on the 1 hand... he played decently throughout the season... on the other, he still isn't very good.

my only guess is that his agent believs the lack of premier free agents will somehow vault his clients' value up a few notches. :ohwell:

brwnman 06-19-2006 10:14 AM

I believe he turned down a 3 yr 9 mil. contract...

Dr.Funk 06-19-2006 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by brwnman
I believe he turned down a 3 yr 9 mil. contract...

He's not worth any more than that. He's really not even worth that.

SirPresident 06-19-2006 10:40 PM

Depends how much he wants 3 years 11 mil is the VERY most i would even be ok with.

Zalendar 06-19-2006 10:41 PM

I'm not sure if I would want him on the Raps or not. Certainly not for very much money.

Bosh4life 06-20-2006 01:01 AM

I don't even want him at all.

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