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Cork5 09-07-2010 04:39 AM

Advice on my game?
I am hoping to play at a prep school or maybe a college in america next year. Do I have the potential? I know i need to bulk up. I do have a good jumper, in and around the 15 foot range, i just dont use it cos i play C for my school team.
(no hate please)

ghettoracer 09-07-2010 08:42 AM

Re: Advice on my game?
Due to your height you naturally have better "potential" at college ball than shorter guys already. American basketball is extremely competitive but if you work hard anything is possible. Put in the hard work and in time it will pay off.

Generally speaking I'd say you could use a bit of general sports conditioning to improve you speed in all directions. Kelly Baggett's web site has tons of useful information you can pick up on. check it out if you haven't yet. Another good sports and conditioning web site is

One other thing is your shots seem a little low at times; your release point is usually around your forehead. You should work on raising your release point higher. Since you're decently tall at 6'9" if you can have a higher shot release it'll help you with your shot fakes and higher shots usually mean softer shooting touch as well.

In the whole video I don't think I saw you do any lean back or fade away shots. Those are good skills to have regardless of you height. It'll make you much harder to defend if you give them extra things to think about. Use your natural length to your advantage. With your height, when you simply lean back and have a high release, you should be able to get a great look at the basket (or spot your open team mate). Hook shots too, add them to your arsenal.

Swaggin916 09-07-2010 02:10 PM

Re: Advice on my game?
It's hard to say because you have such a huge height advantage over everyone you play and you are only a decent athlete (At 6'9 you are going to be taller than most of your competition in High School, but being a great athlete will sort of ease doubts of how you will deal with length... if you were dunking underneath the basket it would be different.) I like how you keep the ball high (Pau Gasol style) on your put backs tho.

I like the spin move you have, and then the spin to the up and and under... but you keep the ball low. Against good competition, if you spin into the defense with the ball low, the chances of you getting stripped are very good. Work on keeping the ball high so the smaller guys can't strip you.

You look to be a pretty skilled player tho... I would have liked to see you shoot jumpers, but if your team doesn't need you to, then it is what is. I would definitely practice hitting jumpers from the 18-20 foot range or so tho... that's where the majority of your jumpers are going to come from when you go to college and past that (especially now that they are moving the 3 point line back in Europe).

Aussie Outcast 09-07-2010 09:08 PM

Re: Advice on my game?
Great potential here. Some stuff has already said but heres my 2 cents (As someone who is trying to break into the NBL in Australia).

When your practicing try to over exaggerate your moves. Alot of the time your just using your moves to simply get to your left hand. Against bigger, faster taller and more skilled competition your going to actually have to go somewhere and fake a defender in order to get your shot off.

That brings me to my next point.... USE YOUR RIGHT HAND!!!! If you want to go somewhere with basketball your going to have to get real comfortable with it. At this point its obvious your really not confident with it at all.

I love your awareness on offense. It helps that your so much taller than everyone but some of those passes show that you were keeping your head up and knew where your player was as well as the defence was. Great stuff.

You've got some great fundamentals so keep up that work. Whilst they are great for the level your at they do need to continue to improve.

You need to get stronger and quicker to make it even in the NZBL.

Great potential though as I have already said. Work hard and you never know what can happen :)

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