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RecSpecs110 03-12-2011 08:41 PM

Favorite PA Announcers
i like the celtics and rockets announcers the best. they would really get me pumped up if i were a fan in those arenas.

i personally think our guy, gary sussman, sucks really bad. he's speaks in monotone and even when he's enthusiastic, he sounds corny and his voice cracks. i remember a few years ago when the nets were good, we had a different announcer whom i liked (he was known for his really fast "jason kidd!"). do you guys remember that? i really liked that guy but he got fired, it was probably another cost cutting move by ratner lol.

i hope when we move to brooklyn, we get someone else. anyone, please, just not gary sussman. i can't imagine opening night in new york city in the most expensive arena with him and his cracking voice. please get someone else.

Nets fan 93 03-12-2011 09:02 PM

Re: Favorite PA Announcers
The Pistons dude! I know a lot of people find him corny... oh well.

gigantes 03-13-2011 07:51 PM

Re: Favorite PA Announcers
wow, i just listened to sussman via a youtube clip, and he is indeed awful. there must be some bizarre, disturbing story behind how he got that job.

anyway, i liked the sixers' red-headed announcer from around 2003 or so (and for all i know, he's still there). he had good pipes, and every time, after an opponent scored, he would pretend to be deeply depressed and barely mumble the player's name. i found that hilarious... never got tired of it.

RecSpecs110 03-13-2011 09:13 PM

Re: Favorite PA Announcers
i like the sixers guy, too. the pistons guy, not so much anymore. he was decent when detroit had their championship starting lineup, bc he had a nickname for each guy and he was creative. but now, it seems like he's just screaming into a mic.

i think there has to be some substance in your voice to announce. it's supposed to intimidate the other team (at least try to) and get the crowd fired up. like the rockets announcer has a very deep and powerful voice that gets you pumped. the heat announcer is kind of annoying, but at least he's into it.

sussman honestly just sounds like some random dude off the street.

gigantes 03-17-2011 01:53 AM

Re: Favorite PA Announcers
i just noticed that gary sussman has a blog! you can read all of his many web postings there! and, yes, you can add his twitter address to your smartphone so that you can check his latest thoughts throughout your day!


RecSpecs110 03-19-2011 11:12 PM

Re: Favorite PA Announcers
Sussman also works the press conferences and is pretty much the voice of the Nets. I'm completely fine with that, but I'd prefer that he didn't announce the games.

I found out that the Nets' former PA announcer was Rick Zolzer, he worked from 01-04 (the Nets' best years).

This is him: (go to 5:15)

He's not bad. He's definitely better than Sussman.

These are the Celtics intros:

Now THOSE are intros. They give me chills every time.

When the Nets move to Brooklyn, I would really like them to completely change their soundtrack and everything. Maybe use a classic song in their intros.

The Bulls used U2's Where the Streets Have No Name as a tribute when Kirk Hinrich returned to United Center. I love that song and it really gets me pumped. I think it would be perfect for the soundtrack right before the players are introduced. Just my opinion.

This is Bulls' tribute to Hinrich:

Whatever the Nets do, they have to do better than what they have now. I know this is all minor stuff and having a better team will attract people more than anything, but the Nets have to present themselves better too. This is all about making Brooklyn welcome the Nets.

Perception is reality, sometimes you have to doll yourself up a bit to get noticed. And now they have a billionaire owner, so really what's the holdup? Get a good PA announcer and better presentation.

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