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paguy1955 04-12-2011 05:02 PM

My DREAM Nuggets lineup
Just looking ahead for the 2nd season. No disrespect to George Karl but here is the line up I would love to see get major minutes in the playoffs

G- Felton
C- Koufus

Since Aaron and Chandler are not 100% yet and maybe not for the first round I believe that this lineup could kill. Have 3 good outside shooters. Probably the fastest backcourt in the playoffs(who is faster) and height to deominat the boards. I want to see other teams have to adjust their lineup to mach up with the Nuggets. So WHAT DO YOU THINK???:rockon: :rockon:

canyoufeelit? 04-12-2011 09:26 PM

Re: My DREAM Nuggets lineup
like pretty much every lineup karl could throw out there these days, it looks good, but I'm a little worried about Koufos and his lack of experience. he has great potential, but I don't think the playoffs are a great time to experiment a whole lot with line ups like that. after golden state though koufos definitely deserves some minutes, and he'll probably get them too with the injury bug going around. so we'll see.

i would love to see more of Mozgov and Nene together. we've needed more size for some time now.

also, i'm from aurora too :pimp:

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