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LiL Stevie 06-21-2006 02:08 AM

Official Dallas Mavericks Offseason Plans Post
Well, before we start divulging into any certain players/trades, let's just reiterate what the team needs.

1. Shooters, particularly at the SG/SF position
2. PG with a mind for just passing and racking up assists
3. Pure, athletic slashers
4. Good perimeter defenders
5. Backup PF, hopefully athletic, maybe with good range, but also needs to be able to bang inside

For now, I'll start with the draft. Dallas has the 28th and 58th picks. I think Dallas should address part of their shooting needs in the draft. While Dallas scouts and drafts, I hope they keep in mind that they need players who will contribute either next season or the year after that. NO PROJECTS aka no Pavel. Some players...

SG - Maurice Ager, Richard Roby, Mike Gansey, Thomas Gardner, whichever Euro is available
PF/C - For shooters, Steve Novak, maybe Kevin Pittsnogle in the 2nd round. HOWEVER, other players to consider are Josh Boone (perfect defender for Amare), Alexander Johnson, Yemi Nicholson (low-post offense)

^^Don't expect the next Josh Howard/Marquis. These are just guys who can be counted on to consistantly make open 3 pointers, and or score a good 6 pts a night and grab 3-4 boards in limited minutes.

Others: 2 perimeter guys who, from scouting reports, sound like they will be great defenders are Thabo Sefolosha and Bobby Jones.

Now, we need to look at our own free agents.

-Keith Van Horn should just expire and leave.
-Jason Terry...ehh...he played a good post season but I'm not so much one of the people on his bandwagon. He makes big shots and plays big games sometimes but he takes shots away from Dirk and cannot play pure PG. This team would be SO good if they just improved on their team passing. Dallas might as well try to re-sign Jet because there's no pure PG on the market.
-Adrian Griffin: See, this is a tough one. Griff is a great player to have during the 82-game season. He's not that great to have during the playoffs, and we saw how his contributions began to diminish.
-Darrell Armstrong: Will he retire? Lindsay Hunter is also on the market...

More on potential trades/free agent targets later...

kevon305 06-21-2006 07:06 AM

Im on the Jet bandwagon.You do not under ANNNY circumstances let your finals leading scorer go to another team.I don't think he really takes that much off Dirks shot well.....Dirk just misses what he gets.Their game is to hit you quick if you are a slower tm than they are and if your the Suns ,they pray hard and try to pray half court defense.That will be scrapped out when Armare comes back.Besides with the whole world watching the clinic on "how you stop Dirk"-courtesy of mean muggin Haslem ,quick posey and short man Anderson.Yeah Dirk couldn't get a shot off on Anderson!They need a proven scorer to help carry the team.That leaves Terry and J-Ho.J-ho is still young and thinks he can carry the team with his offbalance shots with dirk wide open then I think he whinns to much to the officials.Just make a good shot and play the gm!So you see Jet has to be there.He's the second tougest maverick after stack not scared to take it to the hole.I think he may have had more dunks and layups more than Dirk.
Now what hurt the Mavs is Dirk.I think on the defensive end than the offensive end.Yea he has made big strides defensively but I think his german coach still needs to put him to work.He's what I call a weak side.You notice D-wade didn't take it that much to Diop and Damp.He faced Dirk.He 7.0 ,can hang in the air to hit a fade away well.. jump high and block someone send him to the floor get in foul trouble for gods sake but send a message and tell them they are not bringin that sh* to dirk coz he aint havin it!

Silent Mav 06-21-2006 05:55 PM

Just like last year when T-mac was supposed to have given everyone a clinic on how to stop Dirk. So he goes off for the summer, works on that, comes back and works with Avery some more, then has a career year scoring. I have no doubt he will do the same thing this summer. Plus I don't think you give Haslem enough credit. Plus the fact that he had Posey to come in for him helped when he got in foul trouble.

kevon305 06-21-2006 09:41 PM

Here's what I think would help the mavs next season:
Adrian Griffin
Jason Terry

get a sound sg who can guard good from the draft(1 st round)
get a front court player with maturity to use in 2 seasons like Boone (Uconn)

Let go:
Keith Van horn
Josh Powell

Try to sign :
free agent scorers who can play D like Tim Thomas to replace KVH

See what Rawlee Marshall can do on the court

Try and trade Damp as his value should have increased after the finals and clear cap room.

LiL Stevie 06-22-2006 01:25 AM

If Tim Thomas played every year like his contract year then I'd love to go after him.

And now, here are some free agents I think Dallas should look at.

At point guard, I'm pretty sure Terry and Armstrong will return so it should be set there.

At shooting guard/small forward, Dallas needs a shooter. Guys like Voshon Lenard, Eric Piatkowski, Jim Jackson, Matt Harpring.

However, they could also use some solid defenders/dirty-work players like Rasual Butler and Devean George to replace Adrian Griffin. George is also a decent shooter.

At power forward, a shooter is needed but also an athletic, inside banger. Maybe Josh Powell can be the banger but the verdict is still out on him. Dallas might not have enough to pay him but Vlad Radmanovic can put up numbers backing up Dirk. For a banger, Reggie Evans would be great.

At center, Dallas is fine. Even if Mbenga leaves, the market for backup big men is good this year. Francisco Elson, Jarron Collins, Nazr Mohammed (not likely), Scot Pollard, Joel Pryzbilla, Jake Voskuhl, Lorenzen Wright. I would be satisfied with any of those guys as our 3rd center.

Hawker 06-29-2006 12:03 AM

possibly get peja?

LiL Stevie 06-29-2006 01:53 AM

Peja playing in Dallas would be a dream come true. However, Dallas won't have the money for him. I think Peja's current contract with the Pacers that he opted out of was for 7 million so he must be going to test the market to get paid big time. Dallas only has the MLE. Vlad Radmanovic is a more realistic option. He's also a great shooter at the PF position. The MLE should be good enough for him but you gotta think some team will come out and overpay.

Pointguard01 06-29-2006 11:44 PM

-Resign Jason Terry with Bird Rights at 4 years, 34-38 million
-Resign Adrian Grffin with LLE at 2 years, 3.5 million
-Resign Didlier Illunga-Mbenga with Bird Rights at 3 years, 6-7 million
-Resign Darrell Armstrong at Vet's Minimum

Sign a backup PF like Melvin Ely ro Reggie Evans.

G- Jason Terry l Devin Harris l Darrell Armstrong
G- Adrian Griffin l Marquis Daniels l Maurice Ager
F- Josh Howard l Jerry Stackhouse l Rawlee Marshall
F- Dirk Nowitzki l ____________ l Josh Powell
C- Desagana Diop l Erick Dampier l DJ Mbenga

Hawker 06-30-2006 04:02 PM

what d oes MLE and LLE mean?

Pointguard01 07-01-2006 01:55 PM

Mid Level Exception

Lower Level Exception

Every team that is over the cap, which will be around 53 million this year gets one. All but 5 teams (TOR, ATL, CHA, NOH and CHI who all have cap space) will have the MLE and the LLE can be used once every two years. So if a team used their LLE exception last year, they cant use it this year. Or at least thats the way it was in the last CBA.

MLE is worth about 5.1-5.4 million
LLE is worht about 1.6-1.8 million

yeahwhathesaid 07-02-2006 03:38 AM

i think stackhouse is a cancer. he has one of the lowest fg percentages while jacking up lot of shots. He can shine on some occasions but mostly he is inconsistent. Van Horn need not be signed, he is slow, old, cant defend, turns the ball over. Mavericks should def. get mike james and use him as a replacement for stack, possibly playing a lil bit more minutes by playing both 1 and the 2

Tank81 07-02-2006 04:40 PM

The mavs should trade daniles,harris,kvh to new york for francis of crawford

C - Dampier/Diop/Dmenga
F - Nowitzki/
F - Howard/Stackhouse
G - Francis or Crawford
G - Terry/Armstrong

LiL Stevie 07-03-2006 06:23 PM

So far:

-Jason Terry agrees to re-sign
-Mbenga agreees to re-sign
-Dirk agrees to extension
-Drafted Maurice Ager

Other players on the radar:

-Mike James (Dallas has offered the full MLE)
-Reggie Evans

vagabond 07-03-2006 10:15 PM

As a random aside, what about a package for Garnett? I realise this probably isn't going to happen but the Mavs are one of the few teams with enough talent to package together something worth while for the Timberwolves and make this happen.

Just imagine a front line with Garnett and Dirk, you wouldn't need a 6 deep bench like they have at the moment.

LiL Stevie 07-04-2006 02:21 AM

^^^One of them would have to play small forward and I'm not comfortable with that. If there would be any trade involving a major star coming to Dallas, I'd rather it be Paul Pierce.

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