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Anti Hero 06-20-2011 08:06 PM

Suns Draft


Where there's smoke more often than not there is fire and there's been an awful lot of smoke coming from the Phoenix Suns' direction this past week.

Plenty of rumors have circulated that the Suns are interested in making a trade to either move up or land another pick in Thursday's draft. Some have ranged from the borderline absurd to the underwhelming.

On Monday Sports 620 KTAR's John Gambadoro on Gambo and Ash added another rumor for fans to talk about.

"There have been discussions with Golden State about a possible deal in which Robin Lopez could go to Golden State and that Golden State pick (No. 11) could come back to Phoenix," Gambadoro said. "Maybe even last year's first round pick [Ekpe] Udoh could be coming to Phoenix as part of that package for Lopez. That would give Phoenix two first round picks and maybe they can get their point guard and power forward in this same draft."

While Gambadoro made it clear that the Suns and Warriors have merely discussed the possibility and nothing is a done deal, the idea is one that is sure to pique the interest of many fans.

If the deal were to go through the Suns would land not only an additional lottery pick this season but a power forward who was selected No. 6 overall in 2010 in Udoh.

Many will wonder why the Warriors would consider such a deal. According to Gambadoro there may be two reasons. One, Golden State is in desperate need of size, and two, Lopez's former agent is now part of the team's front office.

A deal like this could give the Suns the building blocks they need for the future. A power forward and two lottery picks could go a long way to helping them reach two of their self-assigned goals, getting younger and better defensively while keeping Nash in the fold. That is if all of this smoke produces any actual fire. Link

Also another rumor has Gortat being traded for the #2 pick to draft Williams.

What do you guys think about the trades. I wouldn't mind trading Fropez but not Gortat

Anti Hero 06-20-2011 08:22 PM

Re: Suns Draft

Suns fans have been pretty vocal about who they don't want the team to select with the No. 13 pick, but by the time the Houston Rockets are on the clock for No. 14 they may be yearning for the days when they were afraid of hearing "Phoenix Suns select Jimmer Fredette."

"What player are they going to pick at 13," John Gambadoro said on Sports 620 KTAR's Gambo and Ash show. "I think they lean towards Markieff Morris.

"If Markieff Morris is off the board at 13 then I think the player they pick is Shumpert."

When Gambo says "Shumpert" he is talking about Iman Shumpert, a 6-5 guard from Georgia Tech.

"I'll tell you right now, that I think if it came down to Shumpert or Jimmer Fredette they will take Iman Shumpert from Georgia Tech over Jimmer Fredette from BYU."

Plenty of publications have Shumpert pegged as a second-round pick, though his defensive abilities are something the Suns could be after, especially with the team's desire to improve on the defensive end of the floor.

"Out of any player that they're discussing, that guy kind of fits their mold a little bit more than anybody else."

The idea of focusing on defense is noble, if not long overdue. Furthermore, his selection would not be the first that had people scratching their heads, as Sports 620 KTAR's Mark Asher noted that a selection of Shumpert would elicit the same response that Dan Majerle did when the Suns took him 14th overall in the 1988 draft.

That said, reaching for a player who many don't think is worthy of so much as a first round selection, let alone a lottery pick, would not seem like a great move for a front office that is hoping to gain credibility with an increasingly impatient fan base. Link

Seems like a stretch.. would rather maybe trading two lotterys (if we are able to trade for another) for a higher slot to nab Kanter

Anti Hero 06-23-2011 11:32 PM

Re: Suns Draft
Here and on the forums everyone seems to be a little down on this pick. Markieff brings toughness to our front court which I think will pair nicely with Gortat. To be honest there weren't any allstars to pick from, so there was no one to get out there that would make us a playoff team. In order for that to happen we need other teams to get worse, which sucks but that's pretty much how it is.

But fear not Suns fans, I think this is a solid pick and could be part of a series of moves that sets us up. We'll never go back to the Nash era again, even though it's not officially over, it's over folks. I hope the Suns take a page out of the (yes I am gonna say it again) OKC and SAS playbook. We have what could be a strong defensive minded front court with some pretty decent size, especially if Fropez can at least AT LEAST be serviceable as a back up.

If we end up in the Lottery next year who knows where we pick and how good of a draft it will be. Also something to think about is Nash is out of Phx, not today maybe not by the beginning of this season but by seasons end Nash will be gone. We could possibly make a decent enough trade for him or use his money to sign a good player with.

I am always over optimistic about the Suns, probably cause I care too much damn it all (:cry:). Still I say have faith fellow Suns faithful, the road will not be an easy one, but we could find ourselves back among the West's elite. I see a team much more like SAS than the run and gun era. Blanks helped create and shape that SAS team and I believe was around when the Pistons were winning chips. Lets all pray for hope, that the Suns can do the right things during this rebuilding process.

Go Suns!! :cheers:

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