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MK2V1GP 06-21-2006 03:27 PM

Trade the Pick!
we dont need more young inexperienced players who are filled with potential.

we need talented, proven veterans who can help KG now instead of 3 years from now.

we could get someone like al harrington or jamal magloire or a player like that, who's proven in this League, in some sort of package i would think.

Baller 06-21-2006 04:42 PM

Nice thought, but either of those two are really Impossibilities. Wolves are way over the Cap. Can't get Magloire's contract without sending a near matching one/s back. And no one is gonna take on any of the overpaid scrubs, like Hudson, or Hassell. Same goes for Harrington. He's a unrestricted free agent. So he would have to agree to re-sign, and then be dealt to Minny. And again, you would have to send out matching salaries for whatever 1st year salary that Harrington signs for. Which will at least be 9 to 10 million dollars.

So you guys are pretty much stuck in hell. I did hear a ton of talk that Minny is desperately trying to get Ivy from Philly. And for taking back such ordinary players like Davis-Hudson, and Hassell, Minny would toss in it's pick at # 6, and 2 other future 1st rounders. But Philly Isn't that stupid.

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