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jayworks 06-21-2006 11:03 PM

whats up with GMac (syracuse)
I havent heard anything about GMac from Syracuse. He made a great run in the big east tourny, but will he ever be an NBA player.

Bill Swerski 06-22-2006 12:50 AM

Yes, a homer style career backup, and a short career.

Save that Money Gerry...:applause:

dwillreg 06-22-2006 04:26 PM

If I have space for him at point I'de want him on my roster for his heart and leadership plus his jump shot is pretty good.

KiNG 06-22-2006 05:00 PM

ya, hopefully he can prove himself in the nba... hes one of my fav college players

TheBigAristotle1 06-22-2006 05:12 PM

He deserves a chance. Unfortunately he won't get much more then a camp invite. Personally I think he is underrated as a college player.

KiNG 06-22-2006 05:15 PM

i think he got a real good chance of being drafted... hopefully to the nuggets, him and melo wuld be nice

TheBigAristotle1 06-22-2006 05:26 PM

The key problem with him is he has a poor shooting percentage and bad shot selection. Personally I think he is a good shooter (Despite his percentages), who can penetrate and dish and is underrated. Syracuse has never really had another guy who can create his own shot since Melo left. I realize that Warrick and Devendorf were decent at it, but all of the pressure seemed to be on G-Mac to create for his team. And he did create for his team, he just wasn't good enough to create for weak teams and score effeciently at the same time.

He is one of these guys who has a role in the NBA it just isn't necessarily going to be a big role or a particularly glamorous one. Backup point gaurd for a team like Miami, in there to hit big shots and pass the ball to Shaq/Wade in the right place.

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