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el gringos 01-08-2012 09:01 PM

all West Coas NBA draft prospects
The national media and ish is always terrible scouting the pac10 and ̃he rest of the western 2 timezones- these guys are all nba players and rarely get talked about right now

Pg- cunningham- 6-3 Oregon state- hidden by a terrible team, cunningham imo has elite nba pg skills and athletisism. Just needs to learn the pg position (which can only happen in the nba) some might look at him as a small 2 but his highest nba cielinng is at pg. Lottery pick

Pg/sg- wroten jr- 6-5 Washington- has the size and athletisim to play both gaurd spots in the nba-this guy is the only out of my group here that gets national attention due to his before ncaa resume

Sg- Lamb 6-6 UCLA- so much closer to the other 2 lambs than you might think- the mess that is ucla basketball probobly keeps his stock down for now- great athlete and great defensive potential- 1st rounder prob in 2013

Sf- elias harris 6-8 Gonzaga- an achilles injury throwing his soph season away is making people forget about an nba ready sf- still has some refining of ball handling and perimiter play but will be a very good inside out sf right away- explosive to and around thhe rim- will be a great pick if taken outside of the lottery

C- sacre 7-0 gonzaga- with a great motor and athletisism out of a z foot body this would be a great pic for anyteam needing post depth- should be a 1st rounder

Anybody know about these west coast prospects or others that should be included?

A.M.G. 01-13-2012 06:06 PM

Re: all West Coas NBA draft prospects
Just a thought, but mught be a good idea to include first names in the future. Also, what is a "z footer"? I'm just busting your balls though.

I agree that people writing off Elias Harris is silly, dude has good NBA potential.

Some other west coast prospects:

Terrence Ross - I'm surprised you forgot this guy, I believe either he or Washington teammate Wroten will be the highest drafted prospect out of PAC-12 this year. 6'6 swingman with good length and athleticism.

Allen Crabbe - Only a sophomore, and the most talented player on a good California team. Excellent scorer at the SG position.

Mike Moser - IMO the main reason UNLV is so good this year, well that and experience. Moser is a very good rebounder and solid scorer, ideally he develops enough skill to be considered a SF rather than a tweener at 6'8.

Jorge Guttierez - PAC-12 POY candidate out of Cal, could make a solid NBA backup PG, plus having more Mexican players in the NBA would probably attract more viewership from that demographic. I've heard having Eduardo Najera increases a team's viewership by default, so anytime you can find a Mexican or Chicano player good enough, sign his ass.

Andre Roberson - Colorado's leading rebounder and shotblocker I'm pretty sure at 6'7, has great length and athleticism for a SF, but needs to bulk up a bit and develop offensive skills.

Josh Smith - UCLA big man, actually too big, needs to lose about 30 pounds, really needs to do a physical overhaul if he wants to make the NBA, but if he does he could be a useful low-post scorer in the vein of Al Jefferson.

Drew Gordon - immaturity led to his leaving/getting kicked off UCLA roster, but he is a good rebounding and shot-blocking PF with athleticism at 6'9 245, and it would seem he has become a more mature player at New Mexico.

Chace Stanback - UNLV veteran, not sure I got the spelling of the name right. He's a talented enough SF prospect at 6'7 to consider in the 2nd round.

DeWayne Dedmon - Have heard he is considered an NBA prospect. I guess that is more a statement on the lack of legit-size centers available for the NBA. Dedmon has height and length and athleticism, and it would be a heartwarming story if he made the NBA after the ridiculous religious BS his mom has put him through (nothing wrong with raising a kid well, but to not support him in his basketball career because of stupid half-baked religious beliefs?), but he would be well advised to stay in school.

el gringos 01-22-2012 01:22 PM

Re: all West Coas NBA draft prospects
You are right, Ross prob deserves mention and the top sg prospect spot over lamb- more of just wanting to make note of lamb and how good he is- ucla is perplexing because they have a ton of nba potential talent and this season has been a disaster.
6-3 pg Norman Powell FR UCLA- this guy is the next in line of ucla pgs to the nba
6-10 f's David and Travis Wear will both play in the NBA- just too athletic, long, and active not to be picks by after next season
6-10 300 pound smith like you mentioned has huge potential but is in terrible shape and has to chnge his body- hell I think anthony stover at over 6-10 has pro potential
And they're still garbage- with a good coach?????? How ???????? And reeves nelson (the preaseason mvp) completely falls off- my only guess is feeling obligated to play jones and anderson and not figuring out how to play lamb at 2 and rotate 3 of the forwards together to play nelson or smith w wears or stover
I don't buy any of the unlv guys chances as much as new mexicos gordon and even their 2 gaurds marshall/greenwood- I would love to see guttierez get a shot with someone but have no idea how that would go

el gringos 03-08-2012 01:27 PM

Re: all West Coas NBA draft prospects
Cunningham vs wroten and Ross at Staples center pac 12 tourney is as good of prospect matchups possible- I think you are seeing the 2 best nba pgs in this game and chances are the majority of the country doesn't even know who they are. Ross seems like a guy ready to play sg on the nba level right away

GOBB 06-24-2012 10:58 AM

Re: all West Coas NBA draft prospects
I shoot better than Wroten. And Cunningham is a lock for 2nd rd in most mocks I've seen.

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