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WBynumToTheHole 01-10-2012 06:01 AM

Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?
What do you think of him so far?

In the games I've watched he's looked nervous. Rushing his shot, turning it over a lot and out of rhythm. I noticed a few times when he made a pass it was awkwardly pounded off the floor low to the ground because he was afraid of it getting stolen. It doesn't help that he has nobody to go to except Monroe as a consistent scorer.

He has a nice floater. He has range, but he isn't hitting his shots consistently. I'm hoping this is rookie jitters and he will come into his own as a good player.

At this point, Stuckey is probably going to help this team win more. He gets to the line, and is at the very least capable of putting up something like 15/5/5 consistently.

As for the future, what do you think? Should we hold on to Stuckey or trade him? Does Knight have the potential to be better PG than Stuckey?

WBynumToTheHole 01-10-2012 08:22 PM

Re: Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?
watching the game against the mavs. knight has not shown the ability to penetrate. we need that. at least he's hitting 3's.

Aussie Dunker 01-10-2012 09:00 PM

Re: Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?
I think he is a more than capable of driving it to the rim, it just seems he is nervous and to placid to do so. Give him a few more starts and he should start getting some confidence to be a legit driving option. In college he was one of the best penetrators...

And yes, I do see him as the future PG of our team, I am so high on Stuckey, but more as a 2 guard now. He just needs to play a Wade like role, I would like to see Knight + Stuckey backcourt with gordo being 6th man.

WBynumToTheHole 01-11-2012 03:28 AM

Re: Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?
I would like to see that backcourt too. Knights shooting ability is a good compliment to Stuckey, who definitely can play a wade like roll in his own style.

I think its an energy thing with this team right now. Get some fluidity with the offense, cut down on the turnovers, and we can win some games. If Stuckey can come back from the injury and provide a spark... we might be able to get rolling towards something positive again.

I see this team stocking up on talent like the Sixers. We've got plenty of potential for the future its all about gelling it together and Joe picking up some opportunities with trades and draft picks.

dd24 01-11-2012 01:58 PM

Re: Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?
I think he is the PG of the future. The one thing people have to remember with all rookies this year is they will need a little more time to produce. There was no summer league and a very limited preseason. It will take them longer to adjust. He has shown he has NBA range and is a threat from the outside. I'd like to see him distribute and get others involved a bit better but that will come. We need to have this conversation about 2 months from now.

idizzle 02-25-2012 02:52 PM

Re: Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?

dd24 02-25-2012 05:06 PM

Re: Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?
It's an interesting article, but I don't think anyone on here thinks Knight was completely NBA ready yet. Sure he's going to get better with time. As for the whole Stuckey thing.... Stuckey loves playing with Knight. We have a really solid young back court.

I've been saying all along we need another solid draft to be a team that can compete. That's why I get so frustrated with these winning streaks :lol Monroe seems like the type who's going to stay here for a while so right now I'm not scared of the whole sign and trade thing. It's not like we would get a superstar in return for Knight anyway. The article makes it sound like we can package him up and get a Dwight Howard in return, lol. I'm sure Joe D. would do that in a heartbeat! Why trade someone for a player that is mediocre? The worst thing you can be in the NBA is a mediocre team. The last thing I want is a Pistons team that is .500. You don't get good draft picks that way, and you definitely don't win titles. We just need our young guys to keep playing and getting experience and we need a top 3 pick in the draft.....

SourPatchKids 02-27-2012 10:57 PM

Re: Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?
Hmmmmmm. We will see. Kid has potential.

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