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trueknickfan 01-12-2007 12:38 AM

trades or cuts before the deadline
do you guys think Isiah is going to make any moves to improve or **** up this roseter, or will he sit back and watch this team grow and mature, by than starbury francis rose should be off the books or coming off that season so am I the only one that believe that we have a better near future than the Nets

bigdaddybluesman 01-12-2007 01:00 AM

I think Marbury took his head out of his butt. I think after 2 years and about 5 coaches telling him the same thing not to mention all the losing he has done he woke up.:hammerhead:

Francis is gone, I don't believe for a minute he will ever wear a knick uniform again.:)

As for James I thought I saw him at a Micky D's wolfin' down big Mac's.:rollingeyes:

He left a $200 tip.:eek:

He too will never wear a Knick uniform unless we have a lot of injuries.

I think Isiah is waiting for the 10 day contract period to sign 2 players to fill out the roster.

Malik Rose is a player coach and emergency player. He's not a cancer, he's a plus for this young group of big men the Knicks have. He's just a poor passer...:oldlol:

You know Zeke is eying a point guard in the draft........and maybe a pure shooter.

Look for a deal but not now. Before the draft or during, I'm sure he has something up his sleeve. I think he will be the Knicks coach/GM for a while.

This team needs stability and direction. Something it hasn't had for a long time.

He better not trade Lee or Frye or even Balkman. I will find him and cut

shafir 01-12-2007 10:07 AM

Isiah wants Webber badly, and im guessing that he's going to go after Boykins in the offseason. Francis will be bought out, just a few of the moves I expect Isiah to make.

knickscity 01-12-2007 11:33 AM

i don't think he will make any trades. he really doesn't need to. if this team keeps up the good pace they are on, he will be around next year. I'm still not sold on his GM ability only because of these bad trades/ signings. but I'm surprised he has finally gotten marbs attention. He wants C-Webb, but he wants to win now. We need more than one piure shooter. Q is great, but with his back problems we need insurance. Kinda like a Hubert Davis back in the day guy. Remember that?

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