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bigboi_baller 01-14-2007 06:01 PM

3,000 Posts Celebration/Kings Report Card
I finally hit 3,000 posts. I wanted to have my celebration in my favorite place on ISH: the Kings Forum.

Here are my Progress Reports for the King's Players:

Shareef Abdur-Rahim B-

With the loss of Bonzi Wells in the offseason, the Kings were hoping that SAR would pickup his low post scoring as he got more room to operate this year. Instead, he began to drop passes and take too many jumpers early this season (including countless missed 3 pointers late in games). His defense has been shaky at best and his heart has been questioned. Can SAR spell defense?

Ron Artest B

Artest came into the season predicting championships for the Kings and a great season for himself; however, watching his awful shooting and shot selection early this season would cause even the most loyal fan to ask which came first for him: the great individual season or the championship? Over the course of a injury plagued season, Artest has improved his shot selection and, consequently, his FG%; however, he still occasionally shoots the Kings out of games. His individual defense has been good but not the stingy defense expected from Artest. Lately, he has reportedly asked to be traded if he is expected to change his playing style which includes forcing shots and calling out teammates. Can Artest survive life on this sinking ship?

Mike Bibby C+

Bibby came back from an injury too early this season which caused horrible shooting for the first few weeks; however, even after Bibby proclaimed himself healthy his horrible shooting continued. Although his horrible shooting was blamed on the synthetic rubber ball and mental stress due to his involvement in trade rumors, only Bibby himself can be blamed for his weak defense which saw little improvement even though he lost 15 lbs. Bibby has almost habitually shot the Kings out of games, time and time again this season (much like CWebb after his comeback from surgery). Can Bibby find his shot and regain that swagger?

Quincy Douby INC

Douby played very little early this season; although, in the minutes he has gotten he has looked solid but not spectacular. Picking a guard over a big man in the draft still does not make sense. Did Douby spend more time posing for SLAM Magazine's February 2007 issue than he did playing last month?

Francisco Garcia C

We've seen a nearly identical Garcia as we did last year. The same positive attributes and his same faults. He doesn't seem to have improved much at all. Why doesn't Garcia play for Puerto Rico's National team?

Jason Hart D

This was supposed to be his second chance: a new coach, new system, new team. Early in the training camp, he was outdueled by youngsters, Price and Douby, and he still has not recovered. Would the wolves trade Jaric for Hart?

Kevin Martin A

I would call Martin the surprise of the year but it seems like everyone and their local immigrant taxi driver knew that K-Money, KMart, Special K, etc. was going to average over 20 ppg. His scoring increase his great but his efficiency is what makes him special. He has the highest efficiency rating on the Kings and he scores without having many plays ran for him. His defense is very good for a young player with a rail thin body. He takes charges on a nightly basis and is a model citizen. Will the Kings trade him while is value is high or will he become the face of the franchise? He deserves a second question: Was his improvement related to the use of the synthetic rubber ball or will he be able to adjust to the new ball?

Brad Miller D+

After an embarrassing tour with team USA, Miller never recovered. Brad Miller is currently laboring through his worst season in the last 8 years. He had been fighting injuries early in the season and now is dealing with unknown personal problems. Defense is not his forte, to say the least. He doesn't seem to fit in with the new coach's system and seems to get worst every year, is it time to trade this tobacco chewing Indiana native?

Vitaly Potapenko F

I would give him an INC but because he showed up to training camp out of shape and unable to pass the fitness test for weeks, he gets a fat F. I was surprised to see him on the roster, I thought we had waived him?

Ronnie Price B-

Price has shown flashes of potential when given adequate minutes; however, he has been a casualty of the Kings have too many guards on their roster. His high energy defense was nice and he was used a lot early this season; however, lately, he seems to have fallen out of the rotation. Will this young piece ever get the minutes to develop?

John Salmons A-

Salmons came into the season with a chip on his shoulder. He wanted to prove that he was a legit NBA player and he was a victim of playing behind a legend. His versatility and energy have led to him playing starter like minutes. When given the starting role, he has proven his importance to the team both as a playmaker and a defender. He seems to have a bright future with the team. Will Salmons be the Kings next starting PG?

Maurice Taylor INC

Taylor goes to practices, goes to games, and makes money and thats about it. He hasn't seen much PT because he just isn't what the Kings need. Trivia: How many injuries did Maurice Taylor have during training camp?

Kenny Thomas B

Throughout the season, K9 has been the recipient of a lot of frustration from Kings fans because of his inability to do anything right and his big contract which ties the Kings hands. His shot has been disgusting to watch and his free throw stroke makes shooting coaches everywhere vomit. However, as surprising as it sounds, he is shooting nearly 50% from the field and averages 7.2 rebounds per game which isn't bad for 25 mpg. Will Thomas ever use the talent we have seen flashes of or will he forever be a migit PF?

Justin Williams INC

Williams looked good in the preseason but was waived for no apparent reason but you have to give this rookie props for working hard and getting his spot back a few weeks ago. Can he develop into the shotblocker the Kings desperately need?

Corliss Williamson A-

Personally, I've never been a big Corliss fan but he has been solid for the entire year. He seems to have secured himself a spot in the rotation and has been playing well as of late, especially his 30 point outburst against the Rockets. He is the veteran leader on this team and is not afraid to speak up in the locker room, his calling out of Artest as evidence. He has been a nasty bruiser coming off the bench to provide efficient low post scoring; however, his defense has been subpar at best. Will this leader stick around or will his expiring contract tempt another team to pick him up?

Done. Discuss.

Balla_Status 01-14-2007 06:13 PM

quit being a boring poster and quit ass kissing and you will become an established poster like you want to be.

bigboi_baller 01-14-2007 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by Balla_Status
quit being a boring poster and quit ass kissing and you will become an established poster like you want to be.

Aww, thats soo sweet. Thanks Hawker aka Telefone aka Balla_Status aka . . .

Coming from a guy that uses 15 different accounts because they all got banned it means alot.

BradMiller52 01-14-2007 06:21 PM

Great topic. BTW I don't think Ron has called his teammates out yet. If anyone has it's been Mike... btw I think Mike deserves a C-

Congrats on 3k:applause:

bigboi_baller 01-21-2007 12:59 AM

No one else has any comments?

You guys should make your own lists too.

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