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Da KO King 06-23-2006 05:16 PM

Mardy Collins
What do you Laker fans think of the idea of drafting Mardy Collins with the 26th pick?

lakerfreak 06-26-2006 05:56 AM


Originally Posted by Da KO King
What do you Laker fans think of the idea of drafting Mardy Collins with the 26th pick?

Stat report please...thank you

traditionone 06-26-2006 11:39 AM

Scouting report from

NBA Comparison: Aaron McKie

Strengths: At 6-6 he's got the ability to run the show from the point guard position ... Very smooth offensive abilities ... Plays a controlled game, doesn't try to be too flashy or make spectacular plays, keeps it simple and effective ... Excellent vision and passing ... Shooting mechanics and fundamentals are very good ... Good ball handler ... Long arms help out with closing passing lanes and getting to the rim ... Good defender coming out of the Temple system which emphasizes defense ... Excellent at anticipating passes, ball hawking style ... Great team player, excellent versatility ... Extremely durable player, plays almost 40 minutes every game, and rarely if ever misses a start.

Weaknesses: Never a bigtime scorer, although the Temple system limits him somewhat in that regard ... Shooting %s have never been great from outside, although these numbers get hurt by collapsing defenses and forced shots taken with the shot clock running low ... Lacks a very athletic body, especially on appearance ... Not a very physical player, should use his size advantage better offensively ... Not a huge leaper, lacks great explosiveness or a devastating first step ... Upside is decent, but not off the charts ... One of those guys who is solid in a number of areas, but fails to stand out in any one area ... Must become better at moving without the ball, can be a little too ball dependant ... Free throw shooting is below average ...

Here are his numbers.

lakerfreak 06-27-2006 02:33 AM

seems to me he is a decent player but after looking at the numbers he has had a few streaks of games scoring below 10 points.

That is something I would worry about a bit.

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