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j Fresh 01-20-2007 03:27 PM

They win this round.........
I must admit that this game was fun to watch. Before tip-off Marc Jackson was saying it was not a rivalry because the Nets were clearly better than the Knicks, and in order for it to be a rivalry both teams needed to battle it out in the playoffs and win ball games. However, this Knicks team isin't that same 23 wins from last year no way no how! We still have some weakness as a team, but I think we are finally coming along great. We are more deeper than the Nets who only have three that's right THREE capable scores who can penetrate and do everything else. That's basically their whole team right there with Nenad out.

Vince Carter was terrible! QRich sticked to him like white on rice. He only scored 16 points on 7-of-23!

Stephon Marbury IS better than Jason Kidd in many ways. The way he penetrates to the rim, and his jumper is better. Kidd has the edge on defense and as an all around point guard. But Starbury isin't going to let JKidd deny him any longer. This is war from now on! Can you say "chip on his shoulder?"

We were down by 12 with like four minutes to go, and thanks to Marbury we came back and took the lead. Who would of thought Puffy Robinson would have won it for them?? That was unexpected! I made fun of him and joked around before game time saying if he didn't smoke another blunt then he would cause problems for Eddy Curry. Apparently, he did. But that's the only way they won. This was pure luck. I quote Isiah Thomas "The longer we hang around and stay in these types of games, the more we grow up in our back line, we won't continue to get beat by in the NBA what they call veteran know how. That's what we got beat with tonight, the veteran know how. You've got to give Cliff Robinson credit for that."

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 01-20-2007 04:04 PM

i'll give credit where its due:

#1 Channing Frye was lights out tonight. I know he struggled earlier on, but he is gaining confidence again.

#2 David Lee is scrappy, energetic, and tenacious. reminds me of a more athletic Kurt Thomas.

#3 Marbury finally got into his own and began to play hard.

#4 The Knicks could have folded in teh end, but decided to take it to the Nets and show some willingness to win.

#5 Knicks finally have ball movement. in year's past, they would just stand there and not do anything. now they actually move without the ball and swing it around for the open man.

that's about it. there were a lot of bad points as well, but no need to discuss them. those things Isiah knows about and he will tell his team about.

knickscity 01-20-2007 04:20 PM

They are getting better. Even if we have to flip flop picks, we won't be at the bottom, and there are alot more games to be played.

HaNdLe ThE RoCk 01-20-2007 04:25 PM

You can't win games with all the turnovers and the free throw misses. We made a nice comeback and should have got that over the back call but it's alright we played good. The past 2 games we lost by a game winner.

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