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dak121 07-03-2012 10:58 AM

The Fred Sanford-ism of the Bulls
Like a proper junk man Fred G. Sanford always looks for hidden treasure.

"One man's junk is another man's treasure"

Hinrich, Derek Fisher, Willie Green and no-knees Roy? I know the Bulls have cap issues (they have a new training facility to pay for after all) but how about some creativity? Look overseas, go after undervalued young guys like Jodie Meeks, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Patty Mills, Gerald Green. Even look into Europe for some experienced guys looking to give the NBA a try.

After the R.I.P. Hamiton experience the Bulls have to stop looking at these old bums and injury crocks. Do it the Sanford way, find some hidden treasure.

Crystallas 07-03-2012 06:46 PM

Re: The Fred Sanford-ism of the Bulls
Those are just the names that come across the wire. Every team has a laundry list of projects and rehabilitative players that have agents pushing them onto team's desks.

I think Forman has been doing a great job at working the relations between teams and trade ideas. As well as establishing good long term relationships with player agents all across the league. Forman has been so good at his job, that he is covering up for many, but not all, of Pax's ego trips with other league offices. It will take some time, and continued patience on Gar's part, along with further progress with Jim, to really get some good deals and steals off the market.

Right now, if we just shit away our whole system and start cleaning house, then we look bad again, and less desirable to many players, agents, and other GMs in the league.

Then yes, we are left with the impatient fan. The fan that see's one team make big moves every offseason, and wonders why the Bulls can't make those same moves every offseason. We are building a culture here, not a ring for rent system.

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