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Timmy D for MVP 08-25-2012 03:17 AM

Technicality v Unorthodox
I was thinking about this the other day. Outside of some fairly long arms, a decent set of gears (I'm not fast, but I can change speeds well), and some wonderful balance (prob. the cause of my ability to change speeds) I'm not what one would call a great athlete.

I can't shoot great, at least not consistently. Some days I'm lights out, but usually I'm not the person taking the shots. I don't enjoy handling the ball, which is a bit weird since I love to be the distributor. I'm a real good passer, and I see the game quicker than the large majority. I can throw, push, spin, etc. the ball to get it to my teammate in the best position to score.

So what I'm trying to set up is that I'm maybe a little above average when it comes to ballin. But when I play guys who were on squads, when I play against people who are supposed to be better than me I find myself hanging with them, if not surpassing them.

It is possible that I'm just smarter, it is possible that I'm better than I think I am but what I really think is the biggest thing is that I'm unorthodox. I haven't played organized ball since 7th grade. But I kept playing a lot, and often against people who were on the Varsity squad, alums, etc. The reason I mention that is that they got all that training: shoot this way, pass this way, run this lane, make this pass.

I did not. I was not trained like these guys, I don't do that things that most people are used to seeing. I can use my supreme balance to move in ways that I think takes people off their guard and since I can change speeds well all I need is a tiny window. I take shots that no one else would take, make passes that no one else would try to make.

You have guys like Manu in the NBA, and I'm sure you've all played someone who you just couldn't figure out because they were just such an odd player. Obviously a combining of the two is the best situation, but with AAU programs just ironing out the eccentricities of a player is it diluting their game? They get the technicality, but I feel one could stand to gain a lot by being a bit odd on the court.

SourPatchKids 08-25-2012 03:43 AM

Re: Technicality v Unorthodox

You still gotta have good fundamentals though. I think good coaches don't really tell you exactly how to shoot, but how to improve your shot and how efficient it is. I mean you can bounce it off your head and if it goes in every time than nobody can really critique.

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