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Venja42 06-25-2006 11:03 PM

What happened to Tiago Splitter?
I heard tons about this kid last year and then he dropped out of the draft. Whats his status this year? Is he just gonna continue playing International ball?

fatboy11 06-25-2006 11:21 PM

He's got a huge ass buyout clause in his contract overseas. Apparently, it might keep him over there for two more years though he'll be in the draft for good next year.

He was looking for a top 10 guarantee to stay in so he could pay his buyout, but didn't receive on.

I haven't really seen him, but all the scouts seem to like him. I think he'll at least be decent.

dwillreg 06-25-2006 11:53 PM

All I know is he is 7' and from Brazail.

Unregistered 06-26-2006 02:48 AM

i'm brazilian and the first Tiago's game i saw he was 15. he really passes well, has good defense but his offensive arsenal, like many scouts had said, is overvaluated. his shooting is very bad, and talking about FT you can think about Shaq! He is improving, but i don't think he will have more offense than Anderson Varejao. He is a good player, but the history of Rafael Araujo might be repeated if Tiago be a top 10 pick!

artificial 06-26-2006 02:50 AM

this year he pulled out of the draft, just like he's been doing the last 3 years. i think next year he will be 22, so he wont be able to withdraw his name for the draft.

as for his game, draftexpress has him being a "more talented PJ Brown" in the best case, and Jeff Foster in the worst case, if that tells you anything. his value has been going up and down after all this years of teasing the nba, and scouts know him pretty well.

given his situation, he will have to prove the world he has polished his skills on the offensive end, if he wants to be drafted high. people wont draft him on "potential" anymore.

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