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Targus™ 02-11-2007 10:55 PM

Kings vs. Sonics (2/11)
didn't see a game thread. The kings are playing horrible right now, down by 15entering the fourth quarter. i cant believe im saying this but the kings need kenny thomas out there! brad's gotta come back.

Targus™ 02-11-2007 11:40 PM

Re: Kings vs. Sonics (2/11)
with the clippers losing, if the kings won this game we could've been within 1 game of the 8th playoff spot. i was honestly scared about this game, knowing we owned them yesterday they were going to come out fired up. nice rally in the 4th but fell short on our home floor.

Why We Lost:

1. Freethrows: The Sonics were a lot more agressive than the Kings. they shot 11 more freethrows and shot over 90 percent while we were down at 60 percent. Kevin Martin was 4 of 7 from the free throws.

2. Turnovers: In the last few minutes, the Sonics were the ones making all the plays. There was a big turnover late in the game when it was still within reach for sacramento, only down 5, we have the ball but the offense looks they dont know what to do, Salmons drives it and turns it over and Ray Allen hits a three.

3. Mike Bibby: Wake the **** up! I'm so frustrated with Mike this season i support him the whole nine yards but it's getting tot he point gotta start playing with a sense of urgency and not jacking up 7 three pointers each game. 4 turnovers for bibby, as well as his LOOOOOOOONG shooting slump continues here.

4. Injuries & Point blank shots: Kenny thomas would have really helped us out there tonight along with Brad Miller, we were really shorthanded tonight and we are already a very small frontcourt team. As for point blank shots...Corliss...c'mon man you gotta hit those. :(

5. Chris Wilcox: 25 Points, he was big tonight.

BradMiller52 02-12-2007 12:23 AM

Re: Kings vs. Sonics (2/11)
Yeah you pretty much said everything that needed to be said. The Kings also didn't come out ready to play, and they basically got their asses handed to them because of it.

There was no game thread for today because I was at the doctor's office for most of the day... BTW where'd Bigboi and Lazyboy go?

I like it when Justin Williams gets minutes. Cisco was also pretty effective. We missed our frontcourt though.

I am getting so sick of Bibby... ugh. It seems like he's just goin through the motions...

Glove_20 02-12-2007 01:51 AM

Re: Kings vs. Sonics (2/11)
I told you guys at the beggining

The Combo of Ridnour + Watson > Kings PGs

now u r getting it...

LAZYBOY 02-12-2007 02:00 AM

Re: Kings vs. Sonics (2/11)

Originally Posted by Glove_20
I told you guys at the beggining

The Combo of Ridnour + Watson > Kings PGs

now u r getting it...

You tell people a lot of crap, the problem is that 99.9 percent of the time you're wrong.

Targus™ 02-12-2007 02:01 AM

Re: Kings vs. Sonics (2/11)
and you only show up when the sonics win. i would actually give you credit to that if the Kings weren't so shorthanded tonight.

BradMiller52 02-12-2007 04:30 AM

Re: Kings vs. Sonics (2/11)

Originally Posted by Glove_20
I told you guys at the beggining

The Combo of Ridnour + Watson > Kings PGs

now u r getting it...

Bibby this year is probably worse, but he needs a change of scenery. If we're talking about last year's Bibby or the one before that I'd definitely take Mike over those guys. Bibby is just going through the motions right now. Lazyboy/targus are right.

Anyway, I am sick of seeing this team the way it is. We need some trades or something. The Kings either need to rebuild or make a move anyway because what we got right now isn't really working(yes I do realize we just had a 5 game win streak). The fans are getting pissed off at this team when they come out like zombies, atleast with young players they play hard and it's something the fans can tolerate for a year. But this group is just... ugh:sleeping . Either build for the future or do something to get better now but don't just sit around doing nothing. That's the worst possible thing you can do when you have a mediocre team with veterans on it.

Anyway, Kevin continues to impress me. He's getting better at getting his own shot off the dribble(or creating his own shot in general), and he's also getting better at finding people with good passes. He's doing all that with a wrecked middle finger on his shooting hand(read it in a bee article, he has a sleeve on that finger). He's our best scorer and he needs to get the ball more. When we made our big run Kevin was the key, scoring like 10 points during the run. He has the potential to get even better, if he can continue to improve it will be really nice to eventually have a star type player on this roster(which we haven't had since Webber hurt his knee and then Peja feuded with Webber).

Bibby is just going through the motions out there. It's obvious he's pissed that he's on the trading block and so he figures "why should I play hard for them, they're not even loyal to me". The run basically ended when Eric brought Mike back in. I might come off as a Bibby ***** sometimes(I'm not), but honestly I was a big fan of him for a long time. I'm just very dissapointed in his play and his comments in the media. I'm sick of hearing about his contract, it's a distraction. I'm sick of seeing him take 30 footers and be a matador on D(well I could live with this when he was playing offense). I dunno, it'll suck if it happens but he probably needs to be moved. On the bright side, it would rejuvenate him IMO if he played on a team where he could compete for a ring(Indy/Miami/etc).

Artest's D was pretty good tonight but his offense was missing. His rebounding was needed without Kenny and Brad. He shot 7-20, didn't really notice it until I looked at the boxscore though. When the fans were booing he made a gesture with his arm to basically say "be quiet". Not sure how I feel about that, but it seems like this might be a start to a bad relationship with the fans. Especially when you factor in his dog thing and Sac is kind of a small town city like Portland, the type of place that is kinda sensitive to those things. Be interesting to see how that goes and who he's playing for after the trade deadline, whether it's us or another team.

Brad and Kenny were missed. Brad's passing/shooting and Kenny's rebounding/quickness. We basically got whored inside which hadn't been happening as much lately. Brad's defensive presence was also missed(I can't believe I'm saying this... but during the 5 game win streak he was blocking/altering shots in the 4 games he played). Brad's out until after the All star break so he's probably untradeable now, which may or may not be a good thing considering his play lately or his injuries. Kenny is day to day but I don't even remember the play where he hurt his back. Wonder if a Kenny trade is brewing(probably not but I can hope).

SAR played well, same with Corliss although he misses too many layups like Targus mentioned. They gave us some offense inside but they also gave up the same amount or maybe more on the other end.

Salmons was decent IMO. He played pretty good D but he had a turnover or 3 that hurt us during our run.

Justin was interesting in his first start. I feel like he did a good job rebounding but he didn't get enough time to play. He played decent defense and altered a shot or two. We sucked when he was in though but I thought it was because the team in general came out like zombies. He was out there with 4 guys acting like zombies. He still did a decent job on the glass and on D, when he went out Seattle basically scored at will. Musselman set him up to fail, starting him with zombies and then only playing him 8 minutes for the whole game. Oh well, it is what it is and hopefully he gets more PT as the season goes on because I'm impressed when I see him play.

Muss is a moron I guess. Still it wasn't all his fault, he wasn't the Bibby or the Artest or the Shareef who started playing like they were sleep walking. I would like to see more of Justin and I would like to see the ball in Kevin's hands more. Bibby didn't play much and he's only played like 50 minutes in the last 2 games so I imagine that something's gotta give and soon. Bibby will either need way more minutes or a trade, or maybe a combo considering that he'll need minutes if we're going to showcase him for a trade.

Here's the post game wrap for anyone that cares:


Originally Posted by
Postgame Wrap
Martin Shines, but Sonics Sneak Past Kings

written by Andrew Nicholson


KINGS vs. Sonics
Kings Fall 114 - 103

A night after beating the Sonics by 21 for their fifth straight win, the Kings fell to the Sonics 114-103 at ARCO.

The Kings hadn't been beaten at home since January 13th when they fell to the Rockets. Now the Kings have just two more games before the All-Star break. First they take on the Rockets Tuesday in Houston and then travel to Oklahoma City for their third meeting with the Hornets in 20 days.

"We have to put it behind us," Corliss Williamson said following his 20 points and 11 boards off the bench. "We felt good about the way we played the last five games. With the exception of tonight, I think this team is heading in the right direction. Now we have to see how we'll respond and it will say a lot about our character."

The Kings showed a lot of heart in the second half battling their way back from a 22 point arrears midway through the third quarter and a 15 point deficit to start the fourth quarter.

Kevin Martin was the spark that helped give the Kings new life in the second half. After hitting only three of eight shots for seven points in the first half, Martin put the Kings on his shoulders and finished the game with a team high 24 points helping the Kings cut the once gapping deficit down to only two.

"He was the catalyst for us to have an opportunity to come back in the game," Williamson said of Martin's offensive persistence. "Kevin's capable of putting up big numbers, he's capable of giving us that fire power on the offensive end and tonight he definitely did a great job giving us an opportunity to win."

The Kings fought but in the end Head Coach Eric Musselman said that it was the freethrow disparity that was the difference in the Kings coming out with a win.

"I give our guys credit being shorthanded and playing the last 24 minutes the way we did," Musselman said in reference to the Kings playing without Brad Miller and Kenny Thomas both out with injuries. "I thought freethrows were the difference in the basketball game. They converted theirs and we didn't convert ours."

The Sonics made 37 of their 41 freethrows (90.2 percent) while the Kings made only 19 of their 30 attempts (63.3 percent).

"The only frustrating thing is that we lost,” Ron Artest said following his 21 point, 12 rebound outing. "We were in it and we had a chance to put them away when we cut the lead. But they made a couple of shots and got to the basket and played smart."

Closing Thought…

"It's hard beating teams back-to-back," Musselman said. "We all know that in the league. It's even harder when it's less than 24 hours apart. It's one thing if it is two days off in-between playing the same team, but having said that, it is what it is, everyone goes through it once usually a year."

First NBA Start…

Kings rookie Justin Williams started at center. He totaled 2 rebounds in eight minutes in place of the injured Brad Miller who is out with plantar fasciitis. Shareef Abdur-Rahim started in place of Kenny Thomas who was out with a sore lower back.

Interesting to see Corliss' comments about Kevin. He sees the same thing I see :applause:

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