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ZHAKIDD532 07-02-2006 08:57 AM

Why is Robinson being allowed back???
Apparently after getting his option declined, he's come to terms with the Nets to come back. Personally, I don't want anything to do with him, he can take his drugs somewhere else as far as I am concerned...

dblockrep2 07-02-2006 10:38 AM

i'm kinda supprised but its probably going to be part of a sign and trade

wang4three 07-02-2006 11:47 AM

no. They just didn't wnt to pay him 2.5 million probably. He's probably signed for the minimum.

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 07-03-2006 12:14 AM

apparently, he has been a very positive influence on the team and that his skills would greatly be needed on the bench. he is still a serviceable and versatile player even at 39.

this drug incident seemse to be an isolated incident

dmenzion 07-03-2006 12:23 AM

hey dont hate on my man cliff...hes got better game than n e 35-40 player in the NBA, minus Cassell- and Mourning if he comes back, but i doubt it

KnicksFan4Life 07-03-2006 02:19 AM

Usually the league gives you three strikes when it comes to drug offenses. So I guess the Nets will keep him as long as they can

ZHAKIDD532 07-03-2006 07:50 AM

But I don't understand how in the middle of the playoffs, he had illegal drugs and got himself suspended when they needed him most...

KnicksFan4Life 07-03-2006 11:47 AM

He just did something dumb, and got caught at a bad time

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 07-03-2006 11:49 AM

i bet Pat Riley and the Heat organization did it to remove a vital cog in the Nets game

KnicksFan4Life 07-03-2006 12:12 PM

that is a strong possibility

whaley82 07-03-2006 05:22 PM

they were scared just like they are going to be next year. With a Better krsitc and better bench players..Miami going down if the Nets face them in the playoffs.

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 07-03-2006 06:16 PM

the NEts still need a defensive anchor

it wasn't Wade or Shaq taking out the Nets. Shaq was held in constant foul trouble

WAde got his, but he rarely DOMINATED.

it was Walker, Williams, and Posey who suddenly decided to show up after being virtual nonfactors in that Chicago series (Wade carried them, and Shaq exploded in Game 6 for 30/20)

KnicksFan4Life 07-03-2006 07:29 PM

A perimeter stopper is something that you guys could really use

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