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insidehoops 06-17-2007 01:20 PM

DeVon Hardin's stock may be rising
Potential NBA draft pick DeVon Hardin is expected to announce today that he's signed with an agent and won't return to Cal for his senior season, a source close to the family said. Hardin declared eligibility for the draft in April but didn't sign with an agent, leaving open the option of returning to school. He has until Monday to withdraw his name from draft consideration. - San Francisco Chronicle

monthh 06-19-2007 02:59 AM

Re: DeVon Hardin's stock may be rising
He reminds me of Stromile Swift a little. I don't ever think he will be a great player, but a nice backup big man. I would take him early in the 2nd round, or perhaps in the 1st round if I was a team like Philly who needs a good steal.

I just don't understand why everyone is jumping on this guy now though. He didn't have a great career at Cal, is coming off an injury, and everyone seems to think he has potential, but he is a junior and other juniors such as Noah and Horford are seen as players at their peak. Hardin is big and athletic. He is a good shot blocker, and pretty good rebounder.

The two things I think are on Hardin's side though are his improved FT shooting and his game against Nevada. His huge improvement in FT shooting shows that he is still raw, and does have room to improve. And that game against Nevada, he did one of the better jobs against Nick Fazekas all year.

Still, the only team in the 1st round that I think should seriously consider taking Hardin are the Sixers at 30. If they passed on him, then early in the second round I think Boston, SA, Dallas, and GS should jump on him.

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