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Finn T-Mac 06-18-2007 07:34 AM

Does the name sound familiar?
Petteri Koponen, a young Finnish player. He's declared for the draft, so I was thinking does anyone have even heard about him in the States or even outside of Finland? He's 6-4.

Here's a quote form


NBA Comparison: Kirk Hinrich
Strengths: Has crept from under the radar to become one of the most hyped players in Nordic countries ever ... Great court vision, able to find the open guy no matter how narrow the passing agle is ... ”Houdini” in the open court ... A classic “pass first, pass second, shoot third” point guard when is fully adapted to team’s system ... Defensively he is excellent covering the passing lanes and defending off-the ball movement because of the combination of wits and wingspan...Also a solid team defender, big enough to defend shooting guards ... Tougher than seems, can take a lot of contact without complaining in both offensive and defensive sides ... Able to slash to the basket and draw the defense to him ... Excellent mental toughness, not even the toughest trash talker is able to get inside his head ... Quick, stable jump shot release with a high arch ... Great attitude, an extremely sportsmanlike player ... Picks up his coach’s advice quickly ... Willing to learn and be one of the best one day, works hard to correct the weak spots in his game ... A true talent with potential ...

Weaknesses: Although he takes good care of his body and has improved significantly during last two years, lacks the NBA athleticism ... Struggles in 1-on-1-defense against quicker, more physical point guards ... Still shows inexperience against top competition: Gets a fair share of bad pass turnovers against defensive-minded teams ... Makes quite a lot of rookie mistakes if opponent’s guards have “done their homework” ... Can get frustrated after a couple of easy fouls or turnovers and sometimes gets carried away in high tempo game ... Needs to get better running a 5-on-5 half court set: Has a tendency of forcing bad shots when he can’t get the offense flowing naturally ... Needs more confidence, can be overly critical towards himeslf ... Lacks vocal leadership, although has shown impressive ability to lead both veteran and junior teams ... Needs approximately two years of experience in bigger leagues before having a shot in the NBA ...

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monthh 06-19-2007 04:08 AM

Re: Does the name sound familiar?
Kopenen is a really interesting prospect. At first I heard all this stuff about him being like Jason Williams, a wild, eratic PG. Now it seems like people think he is more "solid," just young. I just don't get why says he is pass first, when he really isn't. He is fairly balanced, but he likes to shoot, and is pretty effective as a scorer. The Hinrich comparison seems pretty fair, but that would of course be if he lived up to all his potential.

I wouldn't draft him in the 1st round, but if was Seattle, Philly, Orlando, either LA team, or Minnesota, I would consider taking him in the 1st half of the 2nd round. I just don't predict a star PG, but the potential is there for a solid starter. He is a project, and that is what I think the 2nd round is for.

Finn T-Mac 06-27-2007 04:17 AM

Re: Does the name sound familiar?
From rumors

Finnish point guard Petteri Koponen, who impressed the Suns in his first workout, will be back for a second look.

Atleast he is getting a chance. He could even become a good backup with Steve's guidance.

Finn T-Mac 07-02-2007 05:29 AM

Re: Does the name sound familiar?
Wow, look's like I'm posting here all by myself, but had to make one more. So the 76ers drafted him at 30th pick and send him to Portland. I didn't think he would go in the first round, if not in Phoenix. Well he is my pick for a sleeper in the draft. (Maybe not this year, but in the future) Interesting to see if he gets any playing time behind Jack...

simasu01 07-04-2007 07:37 PM

Re: Does the name sound familiar?
hes gonna be good in a couple years i wanted the sixers to keep him but hes gonna be ok anywhere

JoHnShOeZ1492 07-04-2007 08:21 PM

Re: Does the name sound familiar?
Heard His Name In The Draft Talks With Friends But Nothing More Than That

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