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BlockShot 07-15-2006 10:58 AM

Regrets on trading Roy for Foye?
if you look at the summer ledgue its pretty clear who scores more points...Foye usually gets around 20-25 points and even 30 points once... but Brandon Roy gets around 28-33 points usually...but then again when the two rookies were pt aganst each other Roy did better... tell me what you think:D

04mzwach 07-15-2006 03:53 PM

personally, i think that once foye's shot comes around. he will be better than roy. i dont know if we made a good decision though. it all depends wether foye's point gaurd ability improves. If his point gaurd ability turns out to be all that then we made a good decision. SG are really easy to come by, point gaurds are a little tougher. If he turns out to be chauncey billups, i'll take foye over roy anyday. i think both will contribute about the same this year. u cant really be mad at how consistent foye is and at point gaurd position and you can get 4 rebounds a game, that will help out a lot. again, if he's a point gaurd and can get 4 rebounds a game, i would take that over a SG who can rebound about the same anyday. for this year alone...if all i cared about was this year i would of drafted roy and kept him. if i didnt care what point gaurd we had after mike james...i would of taken roy. i think we made a pretty good choice for what we will need in the future and with mccants developing into a decent scorer and foye developing into a point gaurd that can score. i think we will be having better trade value on our team after the next 2 years. we still need more size in our 2nd position though eventually and that's one reason i would of thought about in drafting roy, but i dont think we will have much trouble finding that later on...trenton hassell and ricky davis will take care of our 2 and 3 for now. if i could of gotten marcus williams and roy, i would of taken roy but that not being the case, i take foye.

Pork_Chops 07-15-2006 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by BlockShot
if you look at the summer ledgue its pretty clear who scores more points...Foye usually gets around 20-25 points and even 30 points once... but Brandon Roy gets around 28-33 points usually...but then again when the two rookies were pt aganst each other Roy did better... tell me what you think:D

I'm not sure where you are getting your stats from, but Roy hasn't been scoring better than Foye. In fact, Foye has been scoring better than Roy. I went to the Vegas Summer League website. Here are the actual points Roy and Foye scored each game.

Randy Foye
Opponent PTS
vs. Sacramento Kings 23
vs. Phoenix Suns 30
vs. Portland Trail Blazers 24
vs. Dallas Mavericks 28
vs. New Orleans Hornets 19
Total Points 124 (24.8 per game)

Brandon Roy
Opponent PTS
vs. Houston Rockets 12
vs. Golden State Warriors 13
vs. Minnesota Timberwolves 17
vs. Washington Wizards 18
vs. Phoenix Suns 35
Total Points 95 (19 per game)

Additionally, Foye got the TVSL MVP award. For those who might care, here are his full stats (These are averages from all 5 games):
32.8 8.8-16.6 53.0% 0.6- 1.6 37.5% 6.6- 7.6 86.8% 0.6 3.6
4.2 2.2 2.2 0.4 3.8 3.2 24.8

For those who might want to compare, here are Brandon Roy's stats:
26.4 6.6-10.2 64.7% 0.8- 1.2 66.7% 5.0- 7.2 69.4% 1.8 1.6
3.4 3.6 0.6 0.4 3.2 3.2 19.0

Skywalker 07-15-2006 10:41 PM


Pork_Chops 07-15-2006 10:55 PM

Foye vs Roy game
I didn't have the privilege of watching the Vegas Summer League Games. But I found a nice post by someone name drza44 on the Timberwolves Central forums. Here is a link:

I paraphrased him below as well.

*Roy first. He looked awfully impressive yesterday, especially in the first half. He was CLEARLY the best player on the Blazers, despite the fact that he came off the bench. His scouting report was dead on the money. He totally controlled the offense, patiently picking his way to the rim when he chose to drive and setting up his teammates nicely with passes within the framework of the offense. He is outstanding at using picks to his advantage. He rarely (if ever) just took his man 1-on-1 off the dribble (except for #32-Jeremy Kelley, who he just repeatedly took for most of the second quarter), and instead would use a screen to get his shoulder past his defender. Once he had the step, he wouldn't explode to the rim but would instead patiently dribble his way in, seemingly looking for his teammates the entire time, but if he got to the rim and no one had broken open yet he was perfectly content to finish at the rim or get fouled (both of which he did a lot).

*Now Foye. He looked good. Very good. Just like Roy, he was clearly the best player on the Wolves (the "high pick" vibe that Aldridge didn't give off, both Roy and Foye gave off in spades). Foye opened the game hitting consecutive 18 foot jumpers, one off a curl catch-and-shoot (after he'd brought the ball up and passed it), the other in the corner off of 1-2 dribles. For most of the game, it was clear that he could get to the rim whenever he wanted but it seemed like he was kind of consciously trying to do other things. Honestly, like Bracey, I could tell that Foye wasn't a pure PG but nature, but Foye seemed much further along the PG continuum than Bracey did. I don't know if Foye had a single assist, but I noted several instances (at least 4-5)where he passed the ball to his teammates in places they could score and they either missed open shots or travelled. Some of them were off of drive-and-kicks (though a bit more controlled than Bracey's were, as he seemed to purposefully pass instead of jumping and realizing he had no shot and just throwing to an area). But others were in the offense, off entry passes or off a pick-and roll. Then there were another 3 passes at least that could have been assists but instead ended up as turnovers because his teammate either stopped their cut or had the ball go right through their hands (this happened with Bruenner, who messed up a beautiful assist and went up to him and apologized).

Like Roy, Foye could get to the rim when he wanted. But they did it differently. Roy used picks, and was very methodical and controlled on his drives. Foye was just explosive. He rarely used a pick...he rarely needed it. His first step was just by people. He had one play where he crossed up some guy on the baseline so nasty that the guy fell down, then he finished with a pretty layup. He had another play towards the end where Roy was guarding him, and he crossed through his legs 4 consecutive times before bursting past Roy and Roy had to foul him.

I'm running out of time, so I'm gonna wrap this soon. The last thing that I want to point out is that in the 4th quarter, Foye seemed to say "forget it, I'm scoring" and over a 2-minute stretch I think he scored or got fouled (and hit both free throwws) on 6 straight possessions to cut a 23 point lead for the Blazers down to 11 (or 13, can't remember) with 2 minutes left. Roy was on him every possession, and Foye jsut took him. At that point the Blazers took Roy out, and about 30 seconds later the Wolves took out Foye.

I thought this and my other post should provide some decent insights into the Roy vs Foye debate. The page so far seemed to be misinformed. Personally, I believe both Roy and Foye will be good NBA players. I prefer Foye to Roy, but I'm a Minny fan.

BlockShot 07-18-2006 07:20 PM

yo my bad u guys are right i got my stats mixed up lol :hammerhead:

InLebronWeTrust 07-20-2006 10:34 PM

foye roy , roy foye, foye roy foye foye? D amn .. thats annoying. Its like a tongue twister. I wish they could have traded for someone whose last named didnt end with an OY!:banana:

Czar 07-22-2006 09:41 AM

This was a great move by you guys!!!!!!!

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