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scipio 07-16-2006 10:03 PM

What moves would you like to see the Pacers make?
All right, so the offseason is well underway and the Pacers are still looking to deal. They've already dealt Croshere to acquire Marquis Daniels (a very good move, IMO). The daily ISH rumors over the last few weeks have included all sorts of speculation about the Pacers perhaps going after Bonzi Wells or Al Harrington.

So, what deals would guys like to see the Pacers make to help get us back into contention?

I am of two minds about this. I think the Pacers' biggest needs are (1) a first scoring option and (2) a big man.

I personally feel that JO is a great player, but he would be better served if he did not have to carry the scoring load for us. So, with that in mind I would be delighted to see the Pacers pursue Allen Iverson. He's been mentioned in all sorts of rumors, and he'd fit very well here if we could get him. We'd have to give up value to get him, so Granger would probably have to go, and perhaps Shawne Williams. I'd hate to see him leave, but AI is worth it. A deal of AI for Granger, S-Jax and Tinsley sounds all right. That would give the Pacers a lineup of:

AI/James White
Marquis Daniels/Shawne Williams

I think that team would work well. If we could add a decent SF (Bonzi? Jeffries? Rasual Butler?), that team would be really good, IMO.

The Pacers could also instead pursue a big guy like Troy Murphy or Jamaal Magloire.

I'm most interested to hear what you guys want to see the Pacers do.

Edit: If the Pacers could perhaps add Darius Songailia for relatively cheap, he could serve as a back up 4 and fill Croshere's old role quite well.

PacerRaptor 07-17-2006 02:28 PM

AI IMO wouldnt fit well in the Pacers game. Even though the Pacers are trying to get out of the half court game, i still think we're going to see a half court game next year. Its their style of play and its the coaches style of play

marny_navis 07-17-2006 02:44 PM

You guys should have traded Jermaine O'Neal to Chicago for Adam Morrison in the draft. That way Larry Bird would have his shooter, you would be able to start over, and would also have a good player to build around. Only problem is, you would have been trading O'Neal within the division, which would be a bad choice, which is probably why that didn't happen.

eauclaire447 07-19-2006 11:23 AM

i am very happy that they didnt deal oneal! i would really love to see tinsley go though....i cant stand watching his stupid turnovers and horrible D. i think that AI would be a better fit in IND than in BOSTON because a superstar big man and superstar guard fit beter than AI and pierce would IMO. tinsley & williams to sactown for artest and miller! jk

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