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benisjamin33 07-28-2006 09:28 PM

The blazers have a packed roster
The Blazers really need to take good hard look and their damn roster. We've got potiental, but that is pretty much all we've got right now. We have four point gaurds and possibly a fifth in Roy if he is suppose to play along side of Webster. Everyone is saying that Jarret Jack will be our starting point gaurd who did descent his rookie year with sharing minutes with blake and telfair, but Dan Dickau is a great point gaurd when he actually gets playing time (13 points 5 assists in 31minutes), but it seems that people are just writing him off. Steve Blake is also a great point gaurd who is effective and doesnt take risks. Juan Dixon is another guy who should be playing point gaurd because he is only 6'3 164lbs! He has potiental to be a good scorer, 12 points last season, but it seems like that everyone has decided that Webster will be starting at the 2 gaurd, which he should because he has great potiental and he is still very young, but it also seems that everyone is forgetting about our 04-05 three point champion in Lenard! Is Portland just trading for guys we will never use? Are they just going to finally look at their roster and just check off the guys they dont need? I mean come on it isnt like Blake, Dixon, Lenard, Dickau, the 2 Euro guys, and the korean guy are just going to sit back and do nothing! I mean Portland is just throwing away money with these guys, I say we trade the guys that are unimportant to the future and get some draft picks or some players who could be like teachers or something. For example getting Alonzo to help teach Aldrige. After reading all of these message boards I can see that everyone wants to get rid of Miles and Zbo out (well at least Miles) and start throwing the potential that we've been hearing some much about out onto the floor and have them grow. I mean **** Miles we have a guy who can dunk and possible score just as well as him (maybe in a few years) in Travis Outlaw, but he plays defense! Hit me up with some of your thoughts and tell me if you are seeing my view of this mess or if I am just blabbing.

shafir 08-03-2006 09:37 AM

Im a Knicks fan, but I have to say, Portland (if they dont trade Randolph or Miles) is now a much better team then they were last season. With the acquisition of Magloire, they have a front court of Randolph, Miles, and Magloire, with Aldridge coming off the bench. This is probably a 30-35 win team.

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