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04mzwach 08-03-2006 07:17 PM

What's the Numbers??
it looks like 4 of our players could post 20 ppg if that was possible. James, Rashad, Davis, Garnett, and for sure gauranteed that Foye will post 20ppg in the future. How many points will they attain? I mean, i think everything will go up for Garnett once we get Rashad back, not counting out Foye, I think he could put up crazy numbers. It's especially nice to have a guy who can do those unorthodox one handed shots that other teams have been using against us all the time. What's the stats peoples?

lebron_zoom 08-03-2006 07:21 PM

itll definately be an improvement over last season but im not so sure that all of those players will be averaging above 20 ppg, might want to rethink some of those

04mzwach 08-03-2006 07:25 PM

its not that they will, but they would if it was possible. in other words...split 'em up and put 'em on other teams...they would be legitimate 20ppg scorers with good percentages.

lebron_zoom 08-03-2006 07:35 PM

Mike James??? No

Skywalker 08-03-2006 07:54 PM

He did it last year dummy.

This year I say it goes

Kevin Garnett: 25 ppg (damn right, get his scoring back up and shut up all the haters)
James: 17 ppg
Davis: 17 ppg
Foye: 15 ppg
Blount: 9 ppg
Hassell: 7 ppg

those wil be our main scorers.

Hopefully Rashad will return and reach his full potential in the next five years which I beleive could be 25 ppg.

lebron_zoom 08-03-2006 07:57 PM

no kidding he did last year... he also got 37 minutes per game... in that case just about anyone could be raking in 20 points per game, they just need to be averaging high amounts of minutes and hog the ball... do me a favor, think before you call me a dummy

flyingturtle412 08-03-2006 09:00 PM

All the guys mentioned can definitely put up 20 but only Kevin & maybe Ricky will average 20 next season. Its nice to have so many scorers but in all honestly I need a pg who initiates the offense, who can knock down the open shot, and not turn the ball over. Mike James had over 2.5 TO/gm last year with 5.8 ast/gm. This is what concerns me the most. His avg of 20 pts/gm happened in a contract year. Be weary of being too excited.

lebron_zoom 08-03-2006 09:05 PM

thank you, someone who agrees with me

04mzwach 08-03-2006 11:47 PM

yeah, ill take 2.5 TO per game anyday from a point gaurd who plays that many minutes. anyway, the point is that we can score a lot more points this year because there is so many people who can create shots for themselves and hopefully know how to play as a team also. Mike James will be great for us because he can hit an open shot. Stop all the negativity, do what walker was doing...give predictions. Plus who knows how James will play with the Wolves. Garnett has so much respect around the league that he might be giving the ball up, it's not like James had any veteran players around him that are proven scorers, include ricky davis in the mix too. A lot of players would probably do the same, especially when they're in their contract year and like 30 years old. I'm not saying Mikes James is a pure point gaurd, that I dont know. But we should at least give the guy a chance, it's not like we're the New York Knicks yet. ****, what are the cavs doing about a point gaurd? u mad about not getting mike james mr. lebron?

The Italian 08-04-2006 02:52 AM

Just be careful with Mike James in the 4th Q. They better make sure he gives the ball to KG.

Skywalker 08-04-2006 11:53 AM


thank you, someone who agrees with me

Did you watch 82 Raptors games last year? no, but I did.

BlockShot 08-04-2006 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by Skywalker
Did you watch 82 Raptors games last year? no, but I did.

woah raptor fan much...:rockon:....anyways...i'd say 2years and they MIGHT average those numbers..but im almost sure that they all wont b on the same team

Pork_Chops 08-05-2006 05:21 AM

top scorers predictions
Here are my predictions regarding t-wolves top scorers.

KG- 22 PPG
RD- 20 PPG
James-18 PPG
Foye-14 PPG
Hassell- 10 PPG
Blount- 10 PPG

Jerballers 08-07-2006 05:13 PM

more like
Foye-12 pt
James-16 pt
Mccants-11 pt
kg-24 pt
davis-18 pt
:banana: :pimp: :banana:

wally_world 08-09-2006 01:20 AM

Mike James - 18ppg
Rashad McCants - 14ppg
Ricky Davis - 16ppg
KG - 22ppg
Eddie Griffin - 10ppg

Randy Foye - 7ppg
Marko Jaric - 7ppg
Trenton Hassell - 10ppg
Craig Smith - 4ppg
Mark Blount - 3ppg

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