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RainierBeachPoet 08-04-2006 10:56 PM

one year signings
the p-i wrote that the sonics are thinking of signing wilcox to a one year contract (after which he would become an unrestricted free agent)

i am NOT a fan of the one year signings. the guys can get selfish and just think about their own future (radmanovich last year)

if they cant sign chris to a long term contract-- better to sign and trade him

what do you think?

Rapsfan4life 08-04-2006 11:18 PM

i would say they should trade him. His value is high now and I dont want to see Seattle get left with nothing after he commands a lot in free agency. Sign and trade him, Seattle should start getting more players with more than 1 year left

KF4L 08-06-2006 03:54 PM

trade him while his value is at its peak. Get a solid big man or a good pick

kobedaman24 08-07-2006 11:05 PM

im not a fan of one year signings either. the players show no loyalty to the team because they know they probably wont be on that team next season.

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