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CaptainOwlClub 04-17-2008 03:23 AM

A.C. vs. kobe
kobe will win the matchup against anthony carter- george karl gave 2 games away in the first weeks of the season proving this

nuggets outplayed the lakers badly in those ealy games, except that matchup

i understand that karl doesnt "like" jr as a starter, but dont you have to run someone else at kobe? start klieza? najera(and throw kmart at kobe)?- yakouba or bobby jones even?

i dont understand why you undercut both carter and the whole team by asking him to do somthing he cant- iv wanted to see ac play point with jr and the second team-

i just feel the nugs are the most physically imposing team in the nba when nugs play only one of the little guys at a time- always having four of melo,klieza,jr,najera,kmart,camby,nene is tough for anybody to handle- it even makes kobe at least work on D-nobody gets a play off on d

if karl is too stubborn to utilize his own teams physical presence?-the nugs will not be able to win

iverson is playing more and more point gaurd on offense, and he will still cover fisher anyway- why pretend carter is the best option to thow at kobe- carter could be effective in this series as a backup pg keeping the farmars and sasha vujacics down- but not trying to control kobe-

you have to come back running and scoring and getting physical against kobe- he will get his

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