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benisjamin33 08-16-2006 07:37 PM

what we need to do
What we need to do is just get rid of a few people so we can clear up some playing time for out young people. I wouldn't mind just throwing away miles, and lafrentze because they are just hogging a bunch of cash and are totaly useless to the team at this point. I personally don't care if don't get anything for miles, maybe a draft pick and a throw in guy that won't get any playing time.

Rapsfan4life 08-16-2006 09:02 PM

I think to get rid of those big contracts with many years left, you have to add on a young player or draft picks. No one would want to trade an expiring contract for a longer one, so incentive in the deal is important.

lebron_zoom 08-17-2006 01:17 AM

The whole team is in a massive whole... But look on the bright side, the trailblazers website owns :D

benisjamin33 08-18-2006 08:27 AM

lol yeah the worst team in the league has the best site by far, how does that work? I know they have massive contracts and all but there has to be some team that is looking for a two massive contracts and lack of talent?:confusedshrug:

JJCollector 08-25-2006 06:06 PM

Well I thought that was what Portland was doing this offseason by making all those trades, and we can all expect at least 1 more to be made either before or during the season. Randolph and D-Miles have issues and I don't think too many teams in the league are big on DMiles so trading him is going to be tough (unless Isiah's foolishness gets the best of him again).

kumquat 08-26-2006 07:09 AM

Well I'll take the harsh line here. The only 3 players I'm sold on in the team are Jack, Roy and Prz. Randolph I'm giving a last chance after his summer workouts. Everyone else can go. Martell is expandable with Roy here, I don't think he'll amount to anything but a good outside shooter. Miles is a lost cause, Outlaw doesn't have the brains, Aldridge is too soft, Magloire is a bum who won't give a **** about this team.

Trade them, Miles, Aldridge, Webster, Magloire and Outlaw can be had for a star SF. That should be able to get someone nice in return. At wors play Martell at SF.


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