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insidehoops 06-09-2006 04:31 PM

Who should the Wizards draft
As far as players they have a realistic shot at getting, who should they draft?

geeWiz15 06-10-2006 12:23 PM

Shelden Williams if it all possible, if not whoever the best big man on the board is. Or use Jeffries to trade up a few spots to get Shelden.

Dr.Funk 06-12-2006 05:31 PM

Tiago Splitter or Hilton Armstrong

fatboy11 06-17-2006 06:42 PM

I think Shawne Williams would be a good addition.

spearhead 06-19-2006 01:28 PM

Most definately Alexander Johnson, he can step in right away and will still improve almost as much as a guy like Shawne or Hilton.

I don't know why you would want Shelden williams, for one, he got OWNED repeatedly last season by Alex Johnson, and is only 6'7.5". Dude is a shorter version of Etan Thomas, not a good pick at ALL.:hammerhead:

Check him out, he aint no pudgy boy waiting to go through puberty anymore, he is a monster, and at 23 has an NBA body, skills, a 40" vert, a mean streak, and though his #'s were unimpressive, he was doubled on EVERY posession and always fronted on defense so couldn't get many weakside blocks. His game will translate to the NBA real well, just take a look:

insidehoops 06-19-2006 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by Dr.Funk
Tiago Splitter or Hilton Armstrong

I think Splitter is out of the draft, again

Da KO King 06-22-2006 04:31 PM

The Wiz should look at Sergio Rodriquez the point from Spain, Sene Saer the center from Senegal, or Hilton Armstrong.

Rodriquez would allow Gilbert Arenas to more to his more natural spot of off guard. Plus his style of play may actually get people in the verizon Center during the regular season.

Sene would be the best shot blocker on the tema by far. Plus he runs the floor better than any of the wiz current big men.

Armstrong is basically the same as Sene except he doesn't have the same "upside".

As a Knick fan I'm hoping the Wiz pass on Sene because I want him in the Big Apple.

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