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Default Re: Best international free agents

Originally Posted by Cactus-Sack
1. Not playing in the NBA again. Even if some NBA team wanted to sign a 33 year old, they wouldn't be offering him competitive money.

2. Can't see anyone offering him competitive money. Only the nets would take that gamble and C is the one position where they actually have a talented player or two.

3. Stunk it up on the Spurs and Raptors, so the chances of a contender offering him a salary anywhere near 8mil is slim to none

4. I think he signs a 1yr/team option for mini-mle for a 6-10 seed type team. Maybe Dallas.

5. Think he'll get offered too good of a contract. I imagine there'd be some NBA interest, score first combo-guards are a dime a dozen, can get a similar player for very cheap.

The Spurs and Grizzlies have already offered Spanoulis a contract. The Spurs have already offered Bourousis a contract. That does not mean they will accept them.

But yeah, they already got offers from NBA teams.
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