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Finally beat it. I can't believe I only had 16 hours in it. It felt like I'd been at it forever, but I spent a lot of time reloading and trying to ace areas.

Story was really excellent. The eventual connection to the original story, which is thin, really worked for me. I really am not a First Person guy, and that did bother me play wise, but it's effective and well used, in terms of hiding things, and playing it for scares.

The tone of the game is great. Although it does have a couple distinct parts. The first act of the game really plays as true horror. I actually felt like it didn't feel as much like an RE game because the player you play as is so weak. You're not a special forces operative. And it felt like you're playing something closer to a series of boss fights against characters you can't actually defeat. They're closer to scripted battles that progress the story. In fact there was a level of confusion I had through this part that slowed me down some. Not thinking I did things correctly, or that I wasted ammo on guys I really couldn't do anything about anyway. It does provide a genuine scariness.

After a more traditional feeling boss fight, the game shifts to a new setting, and it does feel much more like the traditional RE format. More cycling back and forth through the environment, fetching a key, going back to a door, reversing back again, grabbing all sorts of puzzle pieces. It also began the point when the weapons began fattening up, which made it feel more combative.

Overall a really excellent experience, in spite of the FP really not being my thing. It warrants a second playthrough at least. There is a "choice" which affects the ending (which I decided to watch on YouTube), so that's something I'd like to try. I also missed a couple collectables. One trophy, 3 files, which I wonder if I had found and then lost in a reload somewhere, and 3 Coins, which actually cost me the magnum, as I wound up two short from getting it. Not to bad considering I did it without any playthrough aid at all. There's also a fair amount of DLC that seems compelling.

However I do feel like I need a break from the FP, and unfortunately, my habit in my old age is once I get away from a game I rarely come back. And I have a couple small downloaded games I'd like to get into (Little Nightmares, Abzu, and Virginia).

It really feels like a potential GotY competitor. And if you're into the RE canon, it's a nice shift of direction.
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