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Got the pre-order Shaq version. NOT WORTH IT.

Been grinding on MyCareer. Played a little Park and Pro-Am.


MyCareer is decent. It is really difficult to get passed your player now. 2k needs to patch the AI to relax a little.

Grinding has become more difficult. When leveling your character, you have to go through drills to level up your stats AND your badges. Now you have to take advantage of everything to level up quickly.

Also, you get less VC per game, but everything costs more. 2K is really on their grind on this game, trying to make straight cash homie.

The game definitely feels smoother than 2k17, but 2k17 wasn't very good. It feels buggy at times and I've definitely been hit by some cheese in MyPark, but they've already patched this and I'm sure there are 1000x more patches to go.

I'd drop the money and get it. I need to do a little more MyTeam, but I've had a good time in my career Road to 99.
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