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Last 10 years, take your pick between Duncan, Shaq and Hakeem.

For me personally, I'd go with

Karl Malone

Last 50 years?


Duncan is one of the all time greats. Has a complete mastery of the game. The perfect superstar in that he is very unselfish and willing to play a team game to win championships. Isn't all about his numbers and ego. I really don't think Duncan gets enough respect because he is "boring". Which I think is crap.

Guys like David Robinson, Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley seem to get every excuse in the world for being chokers and underachievers. Some have the nerve to call these guys all timers. Listen these three were very good players, even hall of famers. But they are a notch below Duncan's level. They didn't excel enough at every facet of the game like Duncan. They didn't step up in the big games. Who cares about Jordan, if you want to be considered an all timer, you step you game up when it counts, and these three didn't do enough of that.

As for Karl Malone, he is certainly an all timer for his longevity and scoring prowess. But he is always a notch below Duncan and Kevin McHale because of this choking in the most important games. It wasn't Jordan's fault that he blew those free throws. Or that he disappeared in virtually every Finals game. Or that he threw away the ball. Malone was great, but not great enough.

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