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Originally Posted by PleezeBelieve
No swagger jack intended....

.....Who can doubt the fire that burn's within me,
Never cheat the game...always spit with enough intensity to bring sweat down both sides of my cheeks,
If that ain't the definition of real MC then this is simply not me,
I mean,
If the vision's not within He then the m*ther****in blind must see,
Now you feeling me?,
My heat is ill as it come,
If you ain't claiming I'm the "One" then you must be the competition wait'n for me to go shirtless to showcase the gunz,
I don't have a b*tch but I got a lot of hunz,
My metaphors having m*ther****ers thinkin I'm literally one "Big Pun",
Now that as gangsta's as they come,
If you want to check my rep..."GMC" is where I'm from,
I've been groomed from the youth to be "Da Truth" like mustache's,
So if you go hate...the masses not having it,
Check how I'ma make this clear to avoid static,
Straight to the floor from the plastic went Illmatic...that's how I drop classics,
I'm animal with this sh*t....sorta Jurassic,
Can't nobody see me so quit askin,
N*gga I stay on-target w/o practice,
When the burner is flashed I'm black maskin,
I'm tops that's how I call it,
From Rap City to The FBI...I'm top-tens most wanted,
Keep cash in pocket like a wallet,
Once the public here the words my sh*t's bought,
Yeah, I hate to talk the talk,
But I'm heavy with the swagger when I walk with the hawk,
So you know my competitons a chalk,
You n*gga's couldn't get m*ther****ers follow the lines you talk if you painted them a crosswalk......

The hell, this aint the freestyle thread
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