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Default Re: My overrated and underrated players thread

Originally Posted by Blackeagle
I take 4 years of fantastic shooting at vandy as a better indication of his shooting ability than a poor performance on the first day or two of a pre-draft camp. He'll be fine.

I know some others commented about Foster too, but in my post I didn't say anything about his shooting (or just that he's a good shooter):

I think Foster is a classic example of a good college scorer who won't have a chance in the next level. He isn't strong or quick and he doesn't have a good handle or court vision. I think he's nowhere near as versatile as NBA shooting guards have to be. He tries hard and was a good college defender, but he's not athletic enough to defend in the NBA. The one think he probably can do also in the NBA is shoot, but I don't think he has much of a chance to be more than a role player coming off the bench taking a few threes every now and then.
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