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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they take Rose over Beasley

i agree most people will drill paxson for drafting rose... when the season starts, rose did say beasley was the better player now, and most people will agree with that... then december rolls around and rose gets better but miamis laughing at chicago cuz beasleys doing 20 and 8 while rose is doing 8 and 4, than febuary comes through and rose makes a couple of sportscenter dunks on numerous grills he might have a couple of 20 and 10 games under his belt while beasleys put up a couple of 30+ games, after the allstar break the bullies are in playoff contention... while miamis one out of the top 4 teams in the eastern conference, than april rolls around and this is when rose decides to live up to his potential not with #'s but with his composure during close down to the wire games and the bullies just squeak into the post season as a #7 seed and this is where rose blossoms into a beautifull rose he'll do damage in the playoffs similar to what dwade did his rookie year and they will become the hottest team in the league no one wants to face in the 1st round, when the bullies get knocked off EVERYBODY will be anticipating for next season yearning for more rose, and more rose, and this is when you will be like WOW!

remember deron williams his freshmen yr at illinjois? he was a walking tub of lard... now look at him now

keep in mind rose is only 19

bottom line is this, beasley will help you win now, and rose will help you win a championship later
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