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Default Re: Can Shane Battier dunk?

Originally Posted by allball
Juvenile? hardly. been watching this game a LONG time and never seen a guy with Shane's length and body type who won't throw it down hard on a big. show me where nice 6' 8" guys that don't dunk (including defensive stoppers) win ships in this league. I appreciate intangibles as much as the next guy. I could go on about great defenders and rebounders you probably never even heard of but this a man's game not the WNBA.

Has nothing to do with him being an intelligent player. he just doesn't have the explosiveness.

"Throw it down young man. throw it down"

You are either a troll, a 10 yr old, or simply retarded. How are you going to evaluate a player and even bring championships into the conversation based on ones dunking ability? Battier is an excellent defender and one of the top role players in the league. Try searching for an article, a coach, or a player bashing Battier. A little more playing time, a little less computer time. Please.
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