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Default Re: whenever I play ball my knees hurt

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
Resting sucks when you want to play... but you just have to.

Yeah, I've got some really painful shin splints I've been dealing with for a month now, lucky if I can play twice a week (when they flare up I can barely jump off the ground, it affects my game so much I don't want to play when they're bad). Typically I can play once a week and be fine that one day I play (even than I can't play more than 2-3 hrs without them flaring up again). If I try playing 2-3 days within the last tim I played, forget it, can't jump, just not worth going out on the court. I train legs pretty rigorously in the gym about 3 days after I play ball, this doesn't bother my shins at all. I started playing solely indoors about a month ago, also ice my shins down religiously after any leg training. Bought a new pair of shoes, and compression sleeves for my calves a couple weeks ago. Anyone have any tips, these things are really starting to get to me. Also, I massage my calves to the best of my ability a few minutes a few times a week. I know I need to start incoporating some more stretching and some take a little longer to warm up (usually up flying around dunking on people about 5 min withing walking in the gym, can't help it, lol). Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, I'm starting a league in two weeks, I plan (sometimes the urge to go play is way to tempting) on taking off from leg training/playing until than in hopes that they could fully heal by than.
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