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Originally Posted by Maize'N'Blue
Well right now I'm in the open 400 and the 1600 relay. I also run the 800 sometimes, but the open 800 is too close to the open 400 so I can't do both.
Anyways my PBs are 55.46 in the 400 and 2:18 in the 800.

Also fun fact, my high school team (Gladstone) currently holds the record in the state of Michigan for most consecutive Division 1 championships with 6.

Man the 400 is freaking torture... hardest event, that or the 800 in my opinion. I ran the 45m/55m and the 45/55 hurdles for a short stint, but then I stuck to dash. A couple months back I signed up for the Freshman/Sophomore Meet @ Reggie Lewis in Boston under the 45m, but my coach put me running anchor for the 4x400. To add to it, he put our qualifying time down as 3:26 So in theory we would all have to run 54s. I ran a 71 in practice, and just chilled until the meet. I ended up running a 64, but we had to run last after waiting 4 hours...

But yeah that's my track story. I started indoor track this year to get some basketball speed, and that also explains why I run the 45m pretty good (5.6) but a terrible 100m time (13s). Strictly (very) short distance.
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