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Default John Wall's "official" COMBINE NUMBERS are in

John Wall

Wall: ..... No Step Vertical = 30"

Wall: ..... Max Vertical = 39"

Wall: ..... Sprint = 3.14

By comparison Derrick Rose

Rose: .... No Step Vertical = 34.5"

Rose: .... Max Vertical = 40" ......... (now 43/44)

Rose: ..... Sprint = 3.05 .......... Blazing fast!!!

Okay, can we now put the Wall to Rose comparisons to rest??? Wall is no Rose. And no, Wall is not the greatest athlete ever at the point guard position as some have hyped him to be. Rose is. Rose beat Wall in all the measureables in which explosiveness and athleticism are typically measured. Rose jumps higher and runs faster. And, in fact, it is not even close.

Wall was hyped all year as being "sooooo fast!" Game in and game out, all we kept hearing about was how John Wall was possibly the fastest player ever at the point guard position. In the sprint, it wasn't even close. Not only would Rose beat Wall.... Rose would dust Wall!

Rose is a blurr And he has springs for legs.

Wall is a good athlete. But he is no Rose.

Still, Wall could end up being a great basketball player. But the debate who is the best athlete at the point guard position is now settled. And that title belongs to DRose baby.
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