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Default Re: WNBA: The new ISH

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I don't know, man. It is going to be a hard road back after this one. The sad thing is, if we would have known that LeBron James was leaving at the beginning of the FA period, we would have been a player for several guys that would have upgraded the current roster and helped the rebuilding process down the road.

Because of his whole month-long charade and Gilbert thinking that he had to make moves to appease LeBron, we now have a new coach (not necessarily a bad thing, but I think Brown got a bad rap in general), a completely new coaching staff, and a new GM. Meanwhile, we have made zero roster moves.

James basically tore down the entire organization before checking out of town.

Here is a tweet from Brian Windhorst today...

Western Conference executive: "LeBron has done more recruiting in the last five days than he did in the last 3 years."

yeah, he really ****ed the whole organization over with his media frenzy plan. That is the thing that bothers me the most about this situation. He couldnt have the respect for the organization to be upfront? It was all a charade, from the meetings to the "decision" designed to increase speculation and get more hype for brand D-bag.

as windhorst points out (IK hes a cavs writer, but I think hes probably right on this one), lebron has been way more active in recruiting for miami than he ever was for cleveland.

In retrospect, his unwillingness to talk to izzo should have been a huge hint that he was not coming back to cleveland and he had already decided that.

I lost a ton of respect for him as a person, which I didnt have a lot of to begin with (something about all the self-aggrandizement and forced sense of humor really turns me off).
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