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Default Re: Bill Russell Vertical Leap

Of course, just as in the case of Chamberlain, since we don't have video footage of him with his eyes above the rim, or touching the top of the backboard (in which other players have said that both Russell and Wilt could do that), the pundits will not accept it. And, once again, both he and Wilt were high jumpers, as well as multi-track stars.

Russell actually was a world-class high-jumper (ranked 7th in the world in 1956.) However, Wilt probably had an edge in actual height reached, since he was about 4-5 inches taller, and had a 92" wingspan. Russell obviously had better technique in the highjump, though.

Hopefully the NBA will release more vintage games, and perhaps we will get a better idea of just how accomplished these two great athletes were.

Regarding the 13 ft. level (the top of the backboard), Vince Carter's high was reportedly 12' 6" (as was Shaq's BTW.) I believe David Thompson and MJ were around that level, as well. I have not seen what Howard's has been, but he dunked on an 11' 6" rim (Chamberlain reportedly routinely dunked on a 12 ft rim.)
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