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Originally Posted by WildStyle
Hopefully we can resign DeShawn for a reasonable price. Since it's almost positive he will opt out of his current contract. Hoping to stay healthy next year. It's about time. Most of all I'm hoping Dwight continues to develop into the great player he will soon become.

But first things first... what to do with that draft pick?

DeShawn... well, I think he'll opt out if he's truly healthy and I believe that if he's unsure, he'll stay with his current deal. Either way it's not good for the Magic. I mean, it's not terrible either because he's not an integral piece but... it would be nice if we could move him in a s&t along with the rights to Vazquez & the #11 pick to move up in the draft and replace him with someone like Brandon Roy or Rudy Gay.

If we can't move up in the draft I'd be happy with Williams or Redick.

Redick is not going to be a star in the pros but the guy does move without the basketball and he does it constantly. Pretty much nobody in the league does that except Hamilton. The Magic would be the perfect team for him because they have people that can create their own shot, command the double team and find him (the open man) for wide open 3s. The Magic need a shooter. I honestly think it's a perfect fit. The Magic will just make sure they're solid at the other 4 spots defensively and they'll be really scary with Redick.

I think Redick's success or lack thereof will be determined by which team he goes to.

Williams... well I don't know a whole lot about his game cause I never paid attention to him like I did Redick but he's garnering mediocre hype so I wouldn't mind having him be our 4th big, setting that rotation up solidly for years to come.

The Magic really need a 2 guard that can play defense AND hit the 3 though. Only answer for that is to move up in the draft or wait for free agency next year and try to get someone like Josh Howard.
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