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Ok. You heard it here first. James White recently worked out for the lakers, and reportedly shot the lights out. Apparently this kid has a killer jump shot. Also, he was supposedly continuously dunking on every big man in the camp.

For those of you that want to say he is just an athlete, I will add that that is just enough to be successful in the NBA. If you know anything about basketball, you know that 90% of the players in the league are there because they are just athletes. How many of them really know the game of basketball? How many of them watch game tapes or read about the sport on there own? There are only a handful of players in the league that really know the game of basketball, and therefore they are the elite players in the league.
The rest, can become solid ball players based solely on their athleticism.

Here are some examples: Vince Carter. Sure he has a respectable outside shot, but really the guy has no heart, plays no D, but he sure can jump (at least he used to). Allen Iverson. In the end, all that guy really has going for him is his blazing speed. Tony Parker. The same. Jason Richardson. Good foot speed, crazy vertical, decent jumper. Do I need to go on?

Athleticism is enough to have a good career in the NBA. It may not make you an all-time great, but it is enough to be excellent in the league. And, under the tutelage of Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, this guy will become a beast. Look for him to be the starting point guard on the 2006-2007 western conference champions lakers squad.
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