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Default Re: I'm quitting smoking.

I quit smoking a couple of months ago, and I'm doing pretty fine. Hope you do well.

For me quitting smoking was relatively easy. It was deciding to quit smoking which was hard for me. And I think that's it, to realize that quitting implies never smoking again, knowing that if you do, your pride will be forever hurt by admitting you are failing.

Honestly, once I was decided and actually quit, the only time I miss smoking badly is when I take a sh*t and at parties after getting drunk.

One thing that helped me is buying a water pipe (I casually got it before quitting). I realized I was uncapable of studying a night without smoking. The water pipe has stepped in, and my life without cigs has been good.

*should have added this: I have smoked for 11 years, been a heavy smoker for 6 years. I started by reducing the cigs before quitting, but before that I had been smoking a pac per two days.

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