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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

hard for me to post well from this phone gadget, but just wanted to say- i found the topic &posts very apt & intelligent, recspecs. i really enjoy watching players blossom with the team that draftd them, so it would be tough for me to see lopez go... even for the likes of howard.

and one random note- i am really looking forward to the attractive power that brooklyn & the charles barkley facility are going to have on other players around the league, including dwight. it's going to be like having a couple all-star recruiters working for us 24/7, for free. i mean, the old problem of how to attract good players to the nets is going to quickly turn into 'let's make sure we don't make any bad signings or overpay anyone too much', if you know what i mean.

and the issue of making sure that d-will is happy now & happy w the future seems to be evaporating by the day. ^_^
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