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Default What Is Your Player Profile?

Like if you had a paragraph description of yourself what would it be?

Your strengths, weaknesses, play style, go to move, etc

For me it would be something like this.

Play Style: I'm a shorter player but what I lack in height I make up for with length and determination. My game is more perimeter oriented but I can bang down low for rebounds with guys much bigger than me. I'm a mostly offensive player that can give you consistent, well rounded scoring.

Defense: On the defensive end, my perimeter man defense is sound. I can lock guys up if I want. I can be lazy on the defensive end though and I'm not the greatest help defender. I am a tenacious rebounder and will grab as many boards as possible even when I'm not involved on the offensive end.

Offense: On the offensive end, I can score in a multitude of ways and it is what I am best at. I can drive, I can shoot the long ball with the best of them, and I can post up. Outside of scoring, I am a very willing passer. I'm not a great playmaker, but I will always look for the open man and have no problem giving the ball up to a teammate who will make good decisions with the ball. My go to move is to post up on the left block and shoot a turnaround fadeaway. I make that shot 9/10 times no matter who is guarding me.

Miscellaneous: I always believe that good teamwork will prevail. Even if a guy isn't a good offensive player, just letting him touch the ball or feel involved on offense will make him want to do other things well such as rebound and defend, which are the most important things. I am a passive player for the most part, but when I need to take on the scoring load I can do it.
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