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Talking Deron Williams plays first game that matters for his Turkish team reports: In the first leg of their Qualifying Round tie with Dexia Mons Hainaut in Istanbul, Williams made just three of his 15 shots from the floor but ended up with 15 points as Besiktas won 78-70. He also handed out nine assists.


In an European basketball game played in Turkey, 12 players played over 10 minutes in the game.

5 from Besiktas (the entire bench combined for 23 minutes)
7 from Mons (the rest of the team combined for 16 minutes)

11/12 of those players were Americans.

Erwin Dudley (13 points/10 rebounds)
David Hawkins (9 points)
Deron Williams (15 points/9 assists)
Marcellus Kemp (24 points)
Zoran Erceg (15 points/10 rebounds) - the only European player in the game to register more than 2 points and 4 rebounds.

Quincy Taylor (12 points)
Warren Carter (11 points)
Ahmad Nivins (12 points)
Sean Singletary (4 points)
Shan Foster (3 points)
Justin Cage (13 points)
AJ Slaughter (11 points)
The rest of the team: 4 points

The final score: 78-70 Besiktas

129/148 or 87% points in European basketball game in Turkey were scored by Americans. Might as well played this as a pickup game in DC.

Anyone else find this ironic?

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