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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

6'1 175lbs

Offense- Before I lost some quickness and agility due to multiple ankle sprains and a severe case of jumpers knee, I was a slasher/scorer. Preferred to get guys 1 on 1 and beat them to the rim. Nowadays, I like to operate a slower pace. Catch it in the post, operate as a PG through it, and either make plays with my back to the basket, or go to my post game and try to back the guy down. If that isn't working, then I like to face up for a quick jumper or jab step to the baseline. My jumper has always been iffy so I really try to rely on footwork and fakes. Those are pretty much my bread and butter now. On a fastbreak I'm money. I'm either getting a layup, dunk, or getting fouled.

Defense- Long arms(6'7 wingspan) help me mask lack of super quick lateral quickness. Good IQ in terms of staying with quicker players with great handles. Stay in front of them and don't gamble. Not the greatest help defender but I'm alright. For me, it's all about being smart and sneaky, and making the most of my size. My weakness is playing against stronger guards who like to drive. Some guys will just bully you out of the way and that's hard to stop. I love the challenge, though.

Player comparisons- Probably a mix of current Carmelo(minus the shooting touch) and current Kobe....but with the body type of Rondo. I just like playing out of the post and making "basketball" moves. Not necessarily plays where I'm going to use my athleticism to make something happen. I'm still usually the most athletic dude on the court but knee has really set me back. I almost always need to a screen to get past someone and don't have the same lift as I once did. I love playing against guys who are 2-3 inches taller and 15-20 pounds heavier. It really makes you work that much harder.
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